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Malouf Bamboo Sheet Set Review

August 15, 2018
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

Are you tired of experiencing rest-deprived sleeping sessions from using your heavy and worn out cotton sheets? If so then you might need to upgrade your life and slide into some new eco-friendly luxury bedding provided by Malouf.

Most people see the word luxury, and they automatically assume that it means expensive. Well, that’s not always the case, especially in the world of bedding. Luxury is more so a descriptive term in this case to signify the level of effort that the company has put into crafting a quality product that is sure to satisfy.

Of course, we do not deny that bed sheets can be expensive and hard to shop for. There are so many options, styles, and materials to look at that can influence the aesthetic and comfort levels of your bedroom. Taking a long look at what works best for you can take time and energy that you may not have.

With cotton sheets, the thread count is one of your top concerns. Having high thread count cotton sheets is costly and not a sound investment compared to some of the other options out there. Cotton tends to fade and to deteriorate leaving you with a clammy and sticky experience when lying in bed.

It is excruciatingly uncomfortable to toss and turn in hot sheets. The lack of sleep you experience is often translated into groggy days, along with decreased productivity and overall happiness.

Sleep is a vital component that must be considered when we are concerned about our health. Not only does sleep deprivation leave you looking tired but it often inhibits you from being your best self.

With Malouf bamboo Sheets you will experience a huge difference in your comfort levels at night. The moisture-wicking effect that bamboo sheets provide is a huge factor in getting adequate sleep.

No one can sleep when they are stuck to the sheets. It is uncomfortable and unreasonable to continue suffering when you can easily go out and treat yourself to the silky smooth bamboo sheets that are light and pleasant to the touch.

The Bottom Line

No matter what bedding accessory you’re looking for, comfort is your main priority. These bamboo sheets from Malouf make the most of the materials properties to give you the comfort that you need in your bedding.


  • Comes in six colors
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Full rayon construction
  • Also comes with two pillowcases
  • Fits on mattresses up to 22 inches deep


Every household needs a set of high-quality sheets to help them sleep at night. The Malouf Bamboo Sheet Set offers the comfort and warmth that you would expect from a good sheet set. These sheets are meant to fit on a wide range of different beds.

These sheets are designed to fit mattresses which are up to 22 inches deep, which is far more than the usual size. If your bed is smaller than this, you don’t have to worry about excessive bunching.

The full bamboo construction of these sheets means that you won’t have to feel guilty for damaging the environment when you spend your money on them. The choice of six different colors also means that you can find the right tone of sheets to match your needs.

Woven tightly, these sheets also provide extra durability. This fabric has desirable characteristics such as ease of cleaning, wrinkle-free construction, and temperature control. With these benefits, it’s no wonder why people are gravitating towards these high-end bamboo sheets.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy Maintenance:On average, it takes far less effort to clean these sheets compared to other models. Simply remove them from the bed and place them on a medium wash. This ease of use makes these sheets a great option if you’re living in a small home or apartment.
  • Hypoallergenic:Users with allergies will love the Malouf bamboo sheet set. These sheets are designed to eliminate bed bugs and dust mites because of their tightly-made fabric. This helps create an environment that’s less prone to developing odors and better for your overall health.
  • Comfortable and Soft:Experience has shown that the Malouf bamboo sheet set is softer than 1,000, 1,500, and even 1,800 thread count sheets. These sheets will help you sleep as if you’re on a cloud.


  • Weak Elastics:Some users had issues with the elastics on the sheets. On some occasions, it could break down and make it harder for users to position the fitted sheet. If this issue ever occurs, we suggest that you call for a replacement.
  • Wrinkling:One of the more common problems with these bamboo sheets from Malouf is that they are much more likely to wrinkle than other ones. If you’re willing to spend time ironing these sheets, you won’t have a problem.

What Customers Have to Say

Over 250 people can’t be wrong. That’s right, 250 people weighed in and gave their thoughts on Malouf’s bamboo sheets. They sport an impressive four-star review average demonstrating their adherence to quality without sacrificing price point.

To have that level of satisfaction with over 250 customers is purely amazing. You can bet your bottom dollar that you are getting your money’s worth when you purchase these sheets.

Final Thoughts

After extensively researching the product and analyzing the customer responses, these sheets are sure to enrich your life with years of comfort and durability.

With all of the wonderful and positive attributes that are attributed to life with bamboo sheets, they are a clear-cut choice for your next set of bedding. Even if these sheets were double the price, they are worth every penny.

The joy of great sleep and comfortable lounging will change your life for the better, and the benefits of bamboo bedding will become more and more apparent with each passing day.

You will wake up and thank yourself every morning and pat yourself on the back before bed knowing that you gave yourself the greatest gift of all, happiness.

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