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Linenwalas Bamboo Bed Sheets Review

August 15, 2018
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

If you are like most people, then you probably have never experienced the luxury of sleeping in voluptuously smooth rayon bamboo sheets. You may not be aware of how uncomfortable and unpleasant it is to sleep in poor quality cotton sheets that tangle you up and don’t allow the flow of fresh air.

There are plenty of great products out there that are breathable and comfortable, but it is often hard to sort through the massive selection and variety of sheets on the market.

We often feel overwhelmed and settle on items that are familiar to us. It can be off-putting and nerve-wracking to break out of your shell and try something new. Unfortunately, it is much easier to repeat the same familiar patterns in life than it is to trust your instincts and thrust yourself into a new lifestyle or make a big change.

The Game Changer

Whether you believe it or not, choosing the right bedding is a huge decision and making the wrong choice can have a few adverse effects on your life. Trying to make the most of your day while lacking the necessary amount of sleep is a challenging obstacle to overcome.

When you snuggle up in Linenwalas Bamboo sheets, you experience multiple levels of comfort that ease your mind and instantly relax your body. When sleeping in heavy cotton sheets, it is easy to forget that light, breathable, silky, and temperature-regulating sheets exist.

There are better options out there in the form of rayon bamboo sheets. The multiple natural advantages of rayon bamboo bedding far outweigh those of the competition. You owe it to yourself to at least give these bed sheets a try, as they’re sure not to leave you disappointed.

Your skin is in constant contact with fabric throughout the entirety of your day. Most people spend almost a third of their day lying in bed. If the material touching your skin is not right for you, then you could experience some adverse reactions, including allergies and rashes.

That being said, let’s start our review of these bamboo sheets from Linenwalas.


  • Made of 100% rayon from bamboo
  • Dust mite free
  • Antibacterial
  • Eco-friendly


What makes the Linenwalas Bamboo Sheet Set impressive is its full rayon from bamboo composition. This material is the cause of many health benefits, as well as improved comfort, and a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic that matches much higher priced products.

The Linenwalas bamboo sheets feature deep pockets that fit depths of up to 16″. The set features two pillowcases and a fitted and flat sheet that is also wrinkle-free. So you’ll have no problem getting a good night’s rest when using these sheets.

They are also easy to care for since all you have to do is ensure that you wash them in cold water to avoid the development of any wrinkles. These sheets also come in seven different color options, giving you the ability to match any style decor or color schemes you have on display in your home.

Durability and comfort are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the LINENWALAS bamboo sheets. The smooth, stain-resistant viscose weave is eco-friendly and safe from irritants, unlike competing cotton sheets.

Pros and Cons


  • Hypoallergenic:With bamboo’s hypoallergenic properties, you never need to worry about having an allergic reaction or experiencing discomfort while in bed. The all natural rayon extract derived from the sheets is nature’s mite and bug repellant, unlike rival cotton sheets whose fabric is the perfect haven for pests.
  • Fade resistance:The fabric stays close to its true colors for a lifetime. This prevents disappointment when you’re done washing the item. Unlike other bed sheets, one wash day won’t negatively affect your bed sheets’ appearance.
  • Wrinkle free:You don’t need to use an iron with the LINENWALAS Bamboo Sheet Set. This material is hassle-free, and you can store it in any location you want. Of course, this will only be the case if you remember to always wash these sheets in cold water.


  • Cooling issues:The main issues that consumers tend to face is a lack of cooling. For heavy sleepers, this might be difficult as you may experience sweating.
  • No bed skirt included:Some users were disappointed with the lack of a bed skirt. Take the time to research and buy a bed skirt that suits the size of your bed. This will help improve your sleeping experience and make you more relaxed when you wake up.

What Customer Have to Say

We analyzed over 150 customer reviews to get a good understanding of how these sheets perform. The results were astoundingly positive and reaffirmed that these truly are some of the most comfortable sheets money can buy.

A lot of people were surprised at how well the sheets fit on their large mattresses, and they expressed how happy they were to have such a great fitting new set of sheets.

Another common response was from pet owners who reported that the sheets helped fight the presence of odors and how clean the bedsheets remained even after pets had shared the bed. With a solid four and a half stars, these sheets are a sure thing if you are in the market for quality sheets.

Final Thoughts

These sheets are an excellent choice for upgrading the quality of your sleep. When forced to pick between these and to seek a competitor, you will simply not find a better set of sheets for the price.

These sheets are an essential part of the recipe that makes up the perfect resting arrangement. Without them, you’ll be missing a key ingredient.

You will be blown away at how comfortable and soft these sheets are, and if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase within thirty days, you can send the sheets back for a full refund. Don’t spend another day without the comfort you deserve. With this bargain, you have every reason to treat yourself to a better nightly rest.

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