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Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets Review

August 15, 2018
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

You start your morning in bed and end it there after an exhausting day. The last thing you want to do is lay down on a set of uncomfortable sheets.

As you lay in your scratchy set of worn out sheets, we can guarantee that you’ll be tossing and turning for relief. You don’t even realize that the secret key to unlocking your world of unimaginable comfort is but a few key strokes and a click away.

It is unclear why people suffer in perpetuity by ignoring their desires for a deeper level of comfort. Many people are realizing the amazing comfort and benefits that sleeping on bamboo sheets have to offer. Bamboo sheets are becoming a very trendy item in the home decor market with everyone becoming more health conscious and eco friendly these days.

Pollution and deforestation are a constant consumer driven plague that negatively impact our planet’s ecosystems and wildlife. The planting of crops like cotton requires a lot of land and chemicals to make them sustainable and suitable for harvest. These factors play a big part in the pollution of soil content and waterways with runoff from fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Bamboo takes up far less space than cotton and can be grown almost anywhere. It is also a very virile plant that requires entirely no fertilizers or chemical assistance in its cultivation. This makes the bamboo fabric completely organic and eco-friendly. Cotton, on the other hand, is not good for the environment due to the waste and environmental footprint left behind in the process of making it. Cotton also contains unnatural chemicals that 100% bamboo fiber sheets do not.

Bamboo Sheets are a real life saver because the organic compounds found in bamboo that deter pests, stains, and are also antibacterial.


Cariloha offers two different products lines of bamboo sheets which make them a great choice for someone who likes options. The Classic sheets are composed of a two hundred and thirty thread count that makes them super smooth. Cariloha also offers another style of the sheet called the Resort Bamboo Sheets which is their more luxurious option. The Resort style sheets sport an impressive and luxurious four hundred thread count sheet that will leave you feeling rested and blissful every time you wake.

The Thread count of bamboo sheets is not like that of regular cotton sheets. The fibers are much more fine with a superior weave that promotes temperature regulating which keeps you comfortable and cool. Bamboo sheets also possess moisture wicking properties that absorb sweat and provide you with the most comfortable sleep you have ever had in your life.

Cariloha bamboo sheets are also hypoallergenic which makes them safe for infants and adults with respiratory diseases as well as asthma and other allergies. These sheets also help fight the smell of odors caused by bacteria with their antibacterial characteristics. Bamboo sheets are also antifungal and stain resistant, so you can enjoy more activities in bed.


Cariloha offers two different styles of sheets that appeal to people of differing price ranges. Both of these two products are phenomenally soft and stylish but have a slight difference.

Cariloha Resort Sheets

The Cariloha Resort Sheets are the absolute leader of the bamboo sheet industry. These lavish four hundred thread count sheets will have you racing back home after a long day at work. These sheets are designed for the highest possible quality and comfort level. The durable weave is breathable and temperature regulating while remaining elegantly soft and stylish.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide Array of Colors
  • Soft and Smooth
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Breathable
  • Antifungal
  • Thermal Regulating
  • Resort Quality


  • Price

What Customers Have to Say

We have taken the time to go through all the reviews and see what people thought of these sheets and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Over one thousand people took the time to write a review of these sheets because of how strongly they felt about them. They praised Cariloha for creating the most comfortable and eco-friendly sheets ever made. Customers love the fact that they are 100% organic and come with a lifetime satisfaction warranty.

They enjoy the hypoallergenic qualities of the sheets because they don’t have to worry about the safety of their guests or themselves while they sleep.

Lots of customers comments revolved around how fresh and clean the sheets feel even after a whole week of use. Over one thousand people emphatically approve of these sheets, so that is a great sign of a quality product.

Final Thoughts

If you have had enough of getting mediocre sleep, then you are ready to upgrade your life and join the millions of happy customers sleeping soundly in new luxurious Cariloha Resort bamboo sheets.

Yes, these sheets are an investment. They are priced a bit higher than some of the other brands, but these sheets offer premium customer convenience coupled with a lifetime warranty. If ever you feel the quality does not meet your standards, send them back in exchange for a brand new set of their wonderful sheets.

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