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A Guide to the Best Rayon from Bamboo Towels

Rayon from bamboo bath towels are recognized for their luxuriously soft and fluffy texture. It is hard to believe that a towel can be so divine when it is composed of fabric derived from bamboo. Fluffier and silkier than cotton, rayon from bamboo bath towels are designed to get softer over time while maintaining durability. Really, every rayon from bamboo towel that we tried was more absorbent than the cotton towels we are accustomed to. Additionally, even after dozens of washings they were softer than cashmere when we got out of the shower. In addition to the environmental benefits of fabrics derived from bamboo, just judging these towels on feel and look, they are far and away the best towel choice you can make.

There are a lot of manufacturers making towels of rayon from bamboo these days, and the choices can get overwhelming. To help you out, we reviewed the most popular rayon from bamboo towels for sale today and have made your research a breeze with our comprehensive product guide below.

What Are Bamboo Towels

For those who haven’t yet be initiated into the world of bamboo-based fabrics, bamboo towels are bath towels that are made using rayon from bamboo (sometimes called viscose bamboo). This is a fabric that is derived from bamboo plants and is incredibly soft and quick drying.

Bamboo plants themselves are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial (which is why they are so environmentally friendly to grow), but there is some debate as to whether these properties survive the process that turns bamboo into fabric. Some studies have suggested they maintain their antimicrobial properties, but others have cast doubt on those claims. The luxury and softness are undisputed. In our experience, bamboo towels dry faster than pure cotton towels and don’t get smelly or musty in the same way.

Fabric Material We Looked for in Our Bamboo Towel Reviews

Well, we’re reviewing bamboo towels, so certainly we looked for the towel to be made of at least 50% rayon bamboo up to 100% bamboo. For most of the other bamboo products that we tested (such as sheets, pajamas, and socks) we really only look at 100% bamboo fabric, but with towels we decided to loosen up a little bit.

The reason is that we don’t think it is totally necessary to go with 100% bamboo in this case. In a lot of cases, you need a little more durability in your bath towel, and combining bamboo fabric with traditional cotton can increase the durability and thickness of your towel significantly. Of course, 100% bamboo towels will still be the softest towels you can find, so if that is your priority then definitely go that direction, just know they will be a little bit more delicate than the bamboo/cotton blended towels.

The Best Bamboo Towels

PictureProduct Name PriceExpert Rating
Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton & Bamboo Rayon (Set of 4)Read review$$4.5
Right Purpose 100% Rayon from Bamboo Towels (Set of 2)Read review$$$$4.5
Shoo-Foo Luxury Rayon from Bamboo Bath Towel Set (3 piece set)Read review$$4.4
Kassatex Rayon from Bamboo Collection 6 Piece Towel SetRead review$$$$$4.8
Superior Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton Towels (6 Piece Set)Read review$$4.4
Touz 4 Piece Bath Collection from Ultra Soft Rayon from BambooRead review$$$4.2
Murphy Bamboo Heavy Plus Rayon from Bamboo Ribbed Bath TowelRead review$$4.5
AmeriBamboo Bamboo Rayon 3-Piece Towel SetRead review$$$3.9

Reviews of the Best 5 Rayon from Bamboo Bath Towels

1. Luxury Hotel & Spa Turkish Cotton & Bamboo Rayon Bath Towel

Leading hotel chains around the world are choosing the Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Genuine Turkish Cotton & Rayon from Bamboo towels. These deluxe bath towels are made to last over time, maintaining their refined and durable qualities. This luxury towel set comes with 4 generously sized bath towels of various sizes to meet your everyday requirements. The combination of Turkish cotton and rayon from bamboo allow resilience and gentleness to work hand and hand to create some of the best bath towels on sale.

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2. Cariloha Crazy Soft Rayon from Bamboo 3 Piece Towel Set

Trying to find the best bath towel? Some that are as soft as the ones at the spa? Even when you find fluffy bath towels on sale, do they harden after a few washes? If so, here is a solution for you. Available in a variety of colors, the Superior 6 Piece Collection Rayon from Bamboo offers 6 generously sized towels to cater to your various bathing necessities. These luxury towels are machine washable, and actually get softer each time they are laundered. These bamboo towels are naturally breathable, reducing the chance of lasting odors and bacteria.

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3. Murphy Bamboo Heavy Plush Rayon From Bamboo Ribbed Bath Towel

The Murphy Bamboo Heavy Plush Rayon from Bamboo Ribbed Bath Towels are remarkably different than most towels in a few distinctive ways. These are some of the best bath towels available. Because they are made from fabric derived from bamboo, they have significantly greater absorption powers than most towels. These rayon from bamboo towels are naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and resist lasting stench. Bamboo is not harvested with harmful chemicals or toxins, so these organic bath towels are the healthiest option for you and the environment.

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4. Brooklyn Bamboo Bath Towels – 3 Piece Set

Not only are the Ultra Soft Rayon from Bamboo Towels by Brooklyn Bamboo gentle and extremely absorbent in comparison to most towels, it is environmentally friendly and recommended for sensitive skin. These rayon from bamboo towels are naturally breathable, eliminating bacteria causing stench. For an exceptionally good price, you get 6 spa quality bath towels on sale within this set.

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5. Right Purpose Soft Rayon from Bamboo Towels (Set of 2)

If you are looking for a high quality multi-purpose towel, you have come to the right place. This rayon from bamboo towel can be used for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to: hand, dish, bath, kitchen, or gym towel. Among the best towels on the market, the 100% Rayon from Bamboo Towel is naturally breathable repelling bacteria, mildew, dust, and odors. Compared to cotton, these bamboo towels significantly absorb more and dry faster. Because of the rayon from bamboo fiber loops, these towels feel softer after each washing.

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The Advantages of Rayon from Bamboo Towels

  • Rayon from Bamboo bath towels are environmentally friendly and good for your well-being. Poisonous chemicals are not used while harvesting the crops, therefore you can rest assured knowing your towels do not contain toxins caused by the growing and harvesting process. The overall health of the bamboo grove is improved when it is sustainably kept.
  • Rayon from Bamboo bath towels absorb substantially more than cotton. Not only does it soak up more liquid, its evaporates moisture quickly. These towels dry faster and eliminate unwanted odors.
  • Rayon from Bamboo bath towels’ natural breathability stops bacteria, mildew, and dust mites. They are hypoallergenic and recommended for those with skin sensitivities due to its exceptional gentleness.
  • Rayon from Bamboo towels possess a unique gentleness unlike any other materials. Their distinctive fibers produce a plush feel with guaranteed longevity. Designed to become softer after each wash cycle, rayon from bamboo towels will continue to keep you happy for extended time.

How To Care For Your New Rayon from Bamboo Towels

  • Remove towels from packaging. Be sure not to use sharp objects that could puncture the product.
  • The towels may seem thinner than expected outside of the package. This is normal, as they get fluffier after washing.
  • In order to prevent rayon from bamboo towels from fraying in the future, we advise immediately washing them in natural hot water. Initial snagging can simply be snipped off before the first wash.
  • After the preliminary washing, your rayon from bamboo towels should be machine washed on a gentle cycle, separated from other laundry. Other than gentle laundry detergents, no other additives are necessary (i.e. fabric softeners or bleach).
  • Tumble dry on low heat, or air drying is recommended.
  • Warning: These are general instructions for washing your rayon from bamboo towels. Please be sure to carefully read labels on individual products for proper care instructions.