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Bamboo Plants – A Comprehensive Guide

May 28, 2016
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

Owning a bamboo house plant has been said to bring good fortune for many years. Bamboo is signified as strength by the Chinese, and the amount of bamboo stalks you have within a display each have different symbolizations of luck.

Growing bamboo indoors can be very rewarding for plant lovers. These special plants live for many years with practically no regular maintenance.

Bamboo stalks are robust, yet have exceptional flexibility that can bring an abundance of creativity to your indoor bamboo plant display. It is easy to create your own indoor bamboo plant display or enjoy simple bamboo stalks in an arrangement.

Reviews of the Best 5 Bamboo Plants for Sale

1. Spiral Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is sold in a bunch, which is 10 stalks of 8 inch spiral bamboo. This five star indoor bamboo plant makes a wonderful gift for practically everyone. The lucky bamboo hedge has a distinctive look that will liven up any room! The best part is how easy it is to care for. Essentially, all you need to do is add water and avoid contact with direct sun beams. A bamboo house plant can basically endure a variety of climates, staying lively for many years to come! Perfect for first time plant owners, growing bamboo indoors takes very low regular maintenance to survive.

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2. 9GreenBox Lucky Bamboo

The 9GreenBox Bamboo Plants are sold with an 8 braided style arrangement inside of a trendy black vase. This living indoor bamboo plant is 15-16 inches long. Included with purchase are crystal soil and proper care instructions for growing bamboo indoors. This bamboo hedge takes very minimal regular upkeep, making it a perfect fit for first time plant owners. Bamboo plants grow in water and have a life span of many years. This unique species is known for its serenity and strength. If you are wondering where to buy bamboo plants, you have come to the right place!

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3. KL Design & Import – 3 Tier Lucky Bamboo

The KL Design & Import bamboo plants have 3 tiers of high quality bamboo on display. With approximately 38 stalks, they range in sizes from 4, 6, and 8 inches high. These bamboo house plants are imported from china and are a great fit for home, at the office, or as a gift! These healthy plants are easy to care for, requiring minimal regulatory maintenance. This is the perfect opportunity to buy bamboo online, as it is otherwise challenging to find. Enhance your health and well-being while adding a touch of exclusive taste to your personal space with these small bamboo plants for sale.

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4. Live 3 Style Bamboo Plant Arrangement with Ceramic Vase

The Live 3 Style Set comes with 4 separate bamboo house plant arrangements. Each display includes 2 small bamboo stalks that are approximately 6 inches high. Each lucky bamboo plant comes in a vase that come in a variety of 4 neutral colors. This product also includes proper care instructions for growing bamboo indoors, and crystal soil to initially help with maintainable high quality. Although it requires very little systematic maintenance, bamboo house plants can last many years due to its ability to endure multiple climates. Bring the tropics indoors with these stylish, small bamboo plants.

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5. 9GreenBox – Spiral Lucky Bamboo with Brown Ceramic Vase

The live 3 plant bamboo spiral significantly brings a tropical vibe into any climate. This indoor bamboo plant is very low maintenance and easy to care for. These bamboo hedges will stay alive for many years to come! Bamboo stalks can endure all sorts of climates, as long as they are kept out of direct contact from sunlight. Dracaena sanderiana, the botanical name for bamboo, is known as the Chinese symbol for good luck. Growing bamboo indoors is said to bring you good fortune for many years. This elegant plant will add unique style and make your personal space more relaxing!

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The Advantages of Growing Bamboo Plants

  • Owning a bamboo house plant is a Chinese symbolization of good fortune.
  • Growing bamboo indoors is exceptionally easy because bamboo house plants need to be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Caring for bamboo indoor plants is an extremely minimal responsibility.
  • Bamboo stalks are resilient while maintaining a unique flexibility that is desirable for creativity. It is common for the bamboo stalks to be braided within their arrangements for an artistic look.
  • Most commonly grown in Asia, bamboo plants for sale can be challenging to find worldwide. Luckily, we have made it easy for you to buy bamboo online at an affordable price.
  • An indoor bamboo plant is very low maintenance and lives for many years.
  • Owning an indoor bamboo plant is extremely unique and brings an elegant look to your personal space.

The Care of your Bamboo Plants

  • In order to choose the plant that is right for you, look into different bamboo types and decide which bamboo hedge would be best for your home.
  • Ask yourself if you would prefer a large bamboo plant, or small bamboo plants.
  • Identify a few of your ideal bamboo house plants and research the bamboo trees in which they stem. Consider similarities between their origin and your home to help with your final decision.
  • Many times you can purchase bamboo in containers, which makes this step irrelevant. If your bamboo house plant does not come in a pot, you must choose one that is appropriate for the size of your plant. An important quality to look for when choosing a pot is one with drain holes. Bamboo plants are sensitive to excess water and drainage helps them survive.
  • Bamboo stalks do not need to be embedded too deeply when planting them.
  • To ensure lasting high quality of your bamboo house plant, choose a dependable bamboo fertilizer to add to the soil. We recommended adding this bamboo fertilizer once a year.
  • Although it varies, an appropriate room temperature for your indoor bamboo plant is approximately 70°F.
  • In general, bamboo house plants require very little water. It fluctuates from species to species, but carefully read proper care instructions for your plant and follow those guidelines during maintenance.
  • Your indoor bamboo plant will thrive from being lightly sprayed with a spray bottle on a daily basis.
  • Once your bamboo hedge has exceeded its pot size, it is important to change its container accordingly. Another option is to divide them into 2 pots. This timeframe is anywhere from 2-5 years.

Since bamboo is primarily grown in Asia, it can be pretty hard to find. If you are wondering where to buy bamboo plants, you have come to the right place! Although finding bamboo plants for sale is challenging, it is very reliable and easy to buy bamboo online.

Where Can I Buy Bamboo?

The best place to buy bamboo online is through Amazon. There is a wide selection of reputable sellers, and you can check the feedback each seller has received from hundreds or thousands of other customers. Any seller with 95% or higher satisfaction rating is probably doing a good job of getting bamboo plants through the shipping process in good condition. Of course, if you purchase through Amazon and something goes wrong with shipping you also have Amazon standing behind the order instead of some no-name website which might disappear on you. Amazon is one of the safest and most trustworthy ways to purchase this unique plant online. Shipping is quick and the customer service is extraordinary! In most cases, sellers offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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