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Bamboo Pajamas – Sleep in Bliss!

August 9, 2018
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

You spend more than a third of your life in bed, so shouldn’t you be wearing clothes that truly make you feel happy and comfortable? Sometimes we place such an emphasis on buying the “right” bed that we completely forget about what we’re wearing to bed! We’re here to convince you that rayon from bamboo pajamas are the “right” choice for your sleepwear. Our top choice in this year’s rankings were the “Replenish” Viscose Bamboo Pajama Set by TexereSilk.

If you still believe that cotton is the best pajama material out there, then you are living in the past. Even though there are benefits to wearing cotton, science has come a long way, so cotton isn’t your only option anymore.

Bamboo pajamas

Bamboo pajamas are now all the rage because their qualities outperform pajamas and sleepwear made from other materials such as silk and cotton.

Archeologists have recently unearthed various craft tools and portions of homes that were predominately made with bamboo in parts of Southeast Asia. Using bamboo for such a purpose makes sense due to its strong and fibrous internal structure.

This is the part where people often become confused because bamboo doesn’t look like a plant that you could use for something like clothing. Thanks to modern technology, scientists have found a way to extract bamboo fibers, so they can use it to manufacture pajamas.

If you have never worn any clothing made of bamboo, we’d recommend trying out a set of bamboo pajamas first. We guarantee that sleeping in pajamas made out of viscose bamboo will help you fall asleep. From superior temperature management to enhanced moisture wicking, there are many benefits to wearing these pajamas.

Let’s take a closer look at how exactly these pajamas can improve your sleeping experience. First is our summary table of the latest rankings.

The Best Bamboo Pajamas of 2019

PictureProduct NamePriceExpert Rating
TexereSilk Women’s Long Sleeve Bamboo Viscose “Replenish” Pajama Set$$$4.9
Cariloha Bamboo Sleepwear for Women$$$$4.8
Yala Designs BambooDreams Women’s Short Sleeve Nightshirt$$$$$4.4
Fishers Finery Women’s Tranquil Dreams V-Neck Sleep Shirt$$4.2
bSoft Women’s Sleepwear Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve Top and Capri Pajama Set$$4.1

Our Top Five Picks for the Best Bamboo Pajamas for Women

Once you realize that you should have been wearing bamboo pajamas this entire time, you’ll need a helping hand finding out which products and brands are worth your money.

Whenever you buy something, you always do your research first. There are a lot of manufacturers who take shortcuts in the bamboo manufacturing process these days. Particularly on Amazon, you’ll run across very cheaply made pajama sets that claim to be “bamboo” but are mostly microfiber or polyester. We really recommend sticking with known brands like TexereSilk, Cariloha, and some of the other reputable manufacturers in our list.

Luckily for you, we have already found our top five picks for best bamboo pajamas. Keep in mind that if none of these pajamas fit your personal style, you might want to check out other pajamas that the brand may have. We picked out one or two styles from each brand, but most of them have a whole line-up of styles available.

1. TexereSilk Women’s Bamboo Pajama Set

Texere stands apart from the rest in regards to the fact that it values being ethically as well as socially responsible. The brand goes out of its way to promote art forms that are currently rare or endangered.

If you prefer purchasing your pajamas from a brand whose products are ethically sourced, then don’t look any further because Texere has got you covered.

Those on a budget will prefer the Texere Pajama Set because it’s affordable and comes in a set. This means you don’t have to purchase the top and bottom separately.

Texere is known to combine comfort with style since its Bamboo Pajama Set is extremely fashion forward. It adheres to a minimalist style that features slim-fit long sleeves, a round neckline, as well as slight pleats on the front of the shirt.

You’ll find these pajamas available in nine different colors, so you’re bound to find one that caters to your fashion sense.

If you’re buying this set as a gift, you’ll be happy to hear that its available in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate all body types. You’ll find the Texere Women’s Long Sleeve PJs in Bamboo Viscose Cozy Pajama Set available in petite, regular, and plus size.

This pajama set is made with 70 percent bamboo-viscose, 25 percent cotton, and five percent spandex. We found this was a great combination for comfort and durability.

Click here to see user reviews and prices on Amazon.

2. Cariloha Women’s Bamboo Pajamas

Cariloha is a leader in the bamboo clothing business because it adheres to high-quality manufacturing standards, so you get what you pay for. The brand has been around since 2007 and has only grown ever since.

Fast forward to 2018, Cariloha is now an international retailer that caters to the shopping needs of people around the world. You’ll find Cariloha in over 16 countries, and the brand is continuing to open more stores.

Cariloha has its line of women’s bamboo pajamas to thank for part of its success. The women’s pajama tops, tanks, and robes to come from Cariloha have a lightweight and breathable design.

Wearing Cariloha Women’s Bamboo Pajamas also ensures thermal regulating, so you don’t have to wake up sweaty and hot in the middle of the night. You’ll probably end up wearing your pajamas outside in the summertime because the Cariloha Women’s Bamboo Pajamas will keep you that cool.

Almost all their pajamas feature this fabric composition: 67 percent bamboo-viscose, 28 percent organic cotton, and 5 percent spandex. This unique makeup results in pajamas that repel odors along with allergens, so you truly get to experience a night of restful sleep.

Whether you’re in the market for a robe, short, or a pajama tank top, Cariloha has them all.

Click here to see user reviews and prices on Cariloha.com.

3. Yala Designs BambooDreams Women’s Short Sleeve Nightshirt

If you’re not a fan of pajama sets, then what you need is a bamboo nightshirt. Yala Designs produces one of the best nightshirts in the pajama market. Yala Designs only uses fibers that are sustainably sourced and organically grown, so you know you’re not harming the Earth by supporting the brand. To reduce its carbon footprint even further, Yala has localized every aspect of the bamboo production. What more could you want from a clothing manufacturer?

Since all of the bamboo that Yala Designs uses to make its nightshirt is organically grown, it has earned the Oeko-Tex 100 certification. This stamp of approval means that the fabric used to manufacture the pajamas is free of detrimental chemicals, which means it’s safe for humans to wear.

Those who feel constricted wearing pants while they sleep will find that the Yala Designs Nightshirt is an excellent option. The nightshirt features a relaxed fit, so you can readily move around in your sleep. It’ll hang above the knee, so your lower legs get to breathe a bit.

This nightshirt is also short-sleeved and comes with a scoop neck, so you still maintain some modesty while you sleep.

When compared to the other two women bamboo pajamas that we have mentioned above, the Yala Designs one is the only pajama to feature such a highly dense bamboo-viscose composition. For example, the Yala Designs BambooDreams Women’s Short Sleeve Nightshirt contains 95 percent bamboo-viscose and five percent spandex.

If you’re searching for something other than a scoop neck nightshirt, then perhaps the women bamboo pajamas below will catch your eye.

Click here to see user reviews and prices on Amazon.

If the nightshirt isn’t your style, Yala also has a whole line of different sleepwear styles and pajama sets that you can find here.

4. Fishers Finery Women’s Bamboo Nightshirt

Some of us are very particular regarding the pajamas we wear. If you want to look as best as possible when you go to sleep, the neck design is something to take into account.

The Fishers Finery nightshirt is also available in nine colors, so you have a bunch of options to choose from. You could finally have a nightshirt that fits in your sense of style. Ladies out there who want to look stylish yet casual could do so while wearing the Fishers Finery Women’s Sleep Shirt.

In regards to its overall material composition, this nightshirt contains 70 percent bamboo-viscose, 25 percent cotton, along with five percent spandex. Even though this nightshirt contains less 25 percent less bamboo-viscose than the Yala Designs nightshirt, it still gets the job done.

Taking care of this nightshirt won’t prove to be a hassle either because it is machine washable. All you have to do is throw it in with all your laundry and not have to worry about it enduring damage. You want to avoid using fabric softener because it will force the bamboo fabric to lose its softness and elasticity.

Click here to see user reviews and prices on Amazon.

5. bSoft Women’s Sleepwear Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve Top and Capri Pajama Set

The only other pajama set that could compare to the Texere one would be bSoft Women’s Sleepwear Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve Top and Capri Pajama Set. Not only is this much cheaper than the Texere one, but also contains a higher bamboo content.

To break it down even further, bSoft pajama set is made out of 95 percent bamboo-rayon and 5 percent elastane. The elastane material plays a role as to how soft and stretchy both the top and bottom are.

The top features a relaxed yet flowy fit that has a slight flare to it, which can make quite the fashion statement. The pants adhere to a Capri style that sits on your waist. They also come with an elastic waistband as well as two side pockets.
Washing the bSoft Women’s Sleepwear Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve Top and Capri Pajama Set is an effortless process that just requires you to machine wash only.

Now for a little more info on bamboo pajamas to help you understand what we were looking for in our ratings.

What Are Bamboo Pajamas?

Bamboo pajamas are pajamas that are made out of bamboo fibers that are weaved together to result in a material that outperforms other fibers that are used in both clothing and bedding. The unique weave of bamboo fibers plays a huge role in making bamboo pajamas a more comfortable alternative.

This fibrous material is known to enhance the breathability of any article of clothing, which can drastically improve how you sleep. As you rest, your body’s temperature gradually increases, so you have to wear pajamas that will be able to dissipate the heat as effectively as possible.

Bamboo pajamas are an excellent solution because they regulate your body’s temperature, ensuring that you won’t be too hot or too cold over the course of a night.

When you place a strand of bamboo fiber under a microscope, you’ll see micro-gaps throughout its overall structure. These openings in between the fibers are integral when it comes to improving both air circulation and the absorption of moisture.

You may be wondering just how much of a difference bamboo fiber pajamas can make, and you may be surprised to learn that they can keep you up to two full degrees cooler on hotter nights.

Those who are worried about not being able to wear your bamboo pajamas in the wintertime shouldn’t fret. These fibers tend to manage temperature based on the ambient conditions, so you’ll sleep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

What Do They Look Like?

Women bamboo pajamas can be found in a variety of styles. At the end of the day, your comfort should be your utmost concern. Try and find a set that works with your budget but keeps you comfy.

To make your bamboo pajamas shopping experience easier, we have gone in-depth with the various styles that might catch your eye.


Pajama Sets

The benefit to a pajama set is that it makes it easier for you to find your pajamas because you won’t have to purchase them separately. Gone are the worries of whether or not your top and bottom will be comfortable together because they will be made to complement each other.

Of course, there are many different pajama sets that you’ll come across, and some styles are barely comparable to others. For example, you can have some pajama sets with short-sleeved tops and shorts while others will come with long-sleeved tops and pants.

Pajama sets can also be colorful or muted, depending on what you prefer in your nightwear. As you can see, there’s a lot of variety in this category.

Nightgowns & Nightshirts

Some women may prefer something that isn’t as heavy as a set of full pajamas, and this is where nightgowns shine. Wearing a nightgown isn’t as constricting as wearing a pajama top and bottom, giving you far more freedom in the moments leading up to sleep.

Whether it’s the summertime or you’re dealing with an inconvenient bout of hot flashes, a nightgown will also make it much easier to keep yourself cool.

A nightshirt is essentially a nightgown but a little bit shorter, providing you with even more freedom of movement and ventilation.


Robes can be versatile garments because they can come in a variety of styles. For example, a bathrobe will be thicker and more absorbent, so that it can wick the water off of your skin after a shower or a bath. Pajama robes, on the other hand, will tend to be thin and light.

The benefit to wearings robes as you sleep is that you can more efficiently manage your temperature, especially if you feel too hot in the night.

Benefits of Wearing Bamboo Pajamas

Other than bamboo’s ability to keep your body cool and sweat-free, other benefits come with wearing bamboo pajamas.


Another benefit of wearing bamboo pajamas is that they are hypoallergenic. If you have to deal with chronic skin conditions or have sensitivity issues, you can typically wear bamboo pajamas without a problem.

Other pajamas can cause irritation or other negative reactions because of their synthesized materials, but the viscose used in bamboo pajamas is an all-natural fiber. Bamboo pajamas also tend to resist dust mites, which are a significant source of allergic reactions.


The last benefit of women’s bamboo pajamas is the fact that bamboo itself naturally has antibacterial properties. It will be far easier to remain healthy when you don’t have to worry about microorganisms growing in your pajamas.

Common Questions & Concerns

After taking a look at five of the best women’s bamboo pajamas, you may have some questions. As a buyer, you’ll want to know as much as possible about the products you’re spending your hard-earned money on to get the most for your dollar. Here are some of the most common questions we get:

Is Bamboo Environmentally Friendly?

If you’re trying to minimize your carbon footprint, an excellent way to start doing that is by purchasing clothes made out of bamboo. While it may seem like cutting down bamboo would harm the environment, there are actually a few reasons why the material is ecologically sustainable.

For an equivalent yield of fiber, bamboo will only take up 10% of the land that cotton would. When you grow bamboo that’s meant for clothing, you don’t use up as much of the Earth’s precious land, making bamboo comparatively greener.

Unlike most other plants used for pajama production, bamboo can thrive without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Any clothing made out of bamboo won’t have these unwanted chemicals in it, which is good news for your skin.

Another eco-friendly feature of bamboo is that the shoots grow so fast. For example, within a year, bamboo can grow between three to five feet in height. This means that the same plants can be repeatedly harvested without needing to plant new ones, making bamboo fiber one of the most sustainable choices for pajamas.

Since bamboo can be cut without having to uproot the plant, precious resources are saved when harvesting it since new plants won’t need to be planted.

This is good news for the soil since it doesn’t deplete its minerals. This plant can also grow on slopes, which means that it can be harvested in a wide range of areas.

How to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Bamboo?

When looking around for bamboo products, there is something that you’ll have to constantly be on the lookout for. Many people aren’t aware of the differences between pajamas that contain real bamboo fibers and those that are made with a tiny amount of bamboo and labeled as a product containing it.

Of course, when you have the risk of running into fake bamboo all the time, you have to be able to know the difference between it and the real deal. There are many indications that your pajamas may not be made of pure rayon or viscose, but you’ll have to be attentive to catch them.

Pajamas made with a small amount of bamboo won’t be able to regulate your temperature anywhere near as effectively as the genuine article. You’ll also notice that their moisture wicking capability is lacking, so you may wake up sweaty and uncomfortable in them more often.

The best way you can distinguish between real and fake bamboo is to read the fine print on the tag. Make sure you check what your pajamas are made of before making your purchase, regardless of whether you’re buying them online or in stores.


Bamboo pajamas have many benefits that you won’t find in those made of other materials, including the ability to keep you warm or cool depending on the conditions and more.

Our number one choice for women’s bamboo pajamas is the product from Cariloha. With a combination of superior build quality, comfort, and price point, you’ll be able to get the most out of your money. We hope that this guide has helped you find the right bamboo pajamas for your needs.

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