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Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Mattress Review

August 5, 2018
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

You have to do a lot of work to find the right mattress, and salespeople won’t do much besides directing you to the most expensive model. Finding an honest mattress salesperson is one of the most challenging tasks in the world, but there’s no law stating that you have to buy a mattress in person.

In fact, buying your mattress online may be the best option because you’ll more than likely end up saving money, even with shipping included. Most of the time, however, you won’t even have to deal with shipping because the vast majority of mattress makers will ship them to you free of cost.

Regardless, the major concern is finding out whether or not a mattress will work for you before ordering it, and one of the best ways to do so is to browse some reviews. Today, we’ll be going over the Snuggle-Pedic mattress, which is one of the more well-known varieties of a bamboo mattress.


  • Airflow transfer system is unique to this model
  • Flex-support provides the best of both worlds
  • Cool-flow cover is made of bamboo viscose
  • Designed to resist dust mites and is hypoallergenic

Upper Layer of Flexible Foam

The top layer of this mattress is constructed of foam that is of a lower density compared to the bottom level, and this helps make the bed more comfortable. Since this foam has a lower density, it will be more responsive and plushier, so you’ll sink into it and enjoy a luxurious sleep without sacrificing too much support.

The upper layer of this mattress is perforated to form the first half of the Airflow system that helps keep you cool over the course of a night. The air goes through the top of this layer and is then led to the second one, in which it is vented out. We’ll discuss more about this system when we look at the second layer.

This layer of foam is also responsible for relieving the pressure on your body because of how soft it is. You won’t have to worry about the bed pressing into your skin and resulting in aches by the time you wake up. As you may have guessed by now, this part is the “flex” in the flex-support system.

Lower Layer of Support Foam

As in any other bed, the final level is responsible for supporting everything above it, including the various layers of the bed and your whole body weight. A weak support layer could result in a bed that gets permanently deformed or fails in some other way, and you don’t want that to happen while you sleep.

Of course, there are a few other reasons why the lower level of the bed needs to provide additional support. First off, more support in the bottom of the bed means that your spine is less likely to roll out of alignment as you sleep, which can result in chronic back pain and other, more serious issues.

This part of the mattress also makes up the second level of the Airflow system, which is responsible for keeping the bed’s temperature at a reasonable level. There are channels in the top of the second layer that will guide the warm air out of your bed so that you don’t end up overheating.

Kool-Flow Bamboo Viscose Cover

The cover on this bed is the part that is made of bamboo, and it ensures that you won’t have any trouble with temperature or sweat. Thanks to viscose’s natural properties, the cover will work together with the Airflow system to keep the bed cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Of course, you’ll also benefit from the softness of viscose, since this bed’s cover makes it much more comfortable than those that don’t use bamboo fibers. While the bed cover may not be considered the most crucial layer, it does more than you would expect in this kind of bed.

Non-Toxic High-Quality Foam

This bed is also made of foam from the USA that has been checked to ensure that it is not toxic. This foam features a low V.O.C. level, and it is made without any substances that can harm the environment, including ozone depleters and more. You can rest easy in more ways than one with this mattress.

Pros and Cons

To get a better idea of how this mattress will perform once you purchase it, it only makes sense to be interested in the various pros and cons. Let’s go over them.


Here are some of the most significant advantages that this mattress offers:

  • Temperature Control: As you would expect, the Airflow technology used in this mattress ensures that you won’t get too hot or too cold in the night ever again.
  • Compatible with a Variety of Frames: As you would expect, the Airflow technology used in this mattress ensures that you won’t get too hot or too cold in the night ever again.
  • Versatile Sleeping Positions: This bed can be used by sleepers of any preference. Whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, this bed should have you covered.


There aren’t many disadvantages to this mattress, though there are a few minor complaints we have about it. One of the more common problems with this mattress is that it starts to get softer over time. Fortunately, customer service will typically repair the mattress if this occurs due to a factor out of your control.

What Customers Have to Say

After looking through reviews from buyers, we can also present some info from them. For example, buyers love that you can contact the company and have them send layers that will change the softness of your mattress. Being able to personalize your bed to your liking makes the Snuggle-Pedic one of the most convenient choices out there.


If you like the idea of a mattress that combines the finest quality foam with a bamboo fiber cover, then you’ll love the Snuggle-Pedic. Hopefully we’ve helped you see whether or not this mattress is for you. If that’s not the case, we wish you good luck in your continued search.

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