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Signature Sleep Encased Coil Pillow Top Mattress with Bamboo Cover

August 5, 2018
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

If you want to make sure that you’re working at your best, you’ll need to make sure that you’re rested enough. People tend to underestimate the value of sleep, and they don’t see how it reaches into our daily lives to affect us. If you’ve ever had a headache come out of nowhere, it could be because of little rest.

However, many people make the mistake of assuming that sleeping for seven hours will always leave them rested. While this should theoretically be the case, the human body is a complex organism, and it needs a certain set of circumstances to benefit from the rest you get during the night.

One of the most important things you can do is sleep on the right mattress. Your mattress will determine whether or not you feel good in the morning and for the rest of the day, and the best ones are made of bamboo fibers (also known as viscose). Let’s take a look at this bamboo mattress from Signature Sleep.


  • Features a foam pillow top that’s one inch thick.
  • Features independent coils for support.
  • Foam is CertiPUR certified.
  • Cover can’t be removed.
  • Outer fabric is made of rayon from bamboo.

Pillow Top

Of course, the most notable feature that distinguishes this mattress from other ones is that it features a pillow top. You may be wondering what’s so special about this mattress topper. To put it simply, this pillow top is designed to be more advanced than those that are present on other, similar models.

This advanced design is due to the three-zone construction of the pillow top, which is made to support the three parts of your body. Zone one is assigned to the head and neck so it’s designed to be plushier and to allow your neck to sink in so that it the mattress can conform around your head in your sleep.

Zone two features extra support when compared to the other two areas on this mattress, as it is meant to hold your lower back and hips in the right place. Finally, you’ll have the final zone which is around your lower legs and your feet, and it has slightly less support to give your legs some extra freedom.

High-Density Support Foam

After the pillow top, you’ll find a flame retardant barrier that is there to help you stay safe and sleep soundly. Following this barrier, you’ll come across four layers of support foam which is designed to be as dense as possible for added support. While other foam mattresses have little edge support, this layer helps reinforce it in this model.

If you like sitting on the edge of your bed, you won’t have to worry about sliding off with this mattress. Other than helping increase edge support, the high-density foam is designed to provide additional support for your body, keeping you in the right place so that you won’t have to worry about back troubles.

Independently Encased Coil System

The support zone of this bed features coils which are encased separately. These coils work much better than traditional springs, and they provide more support than you’ll get from the densest of foam bases. This part of the bed is responsible for holding you in position while you rest, aligning your spine.

Other than supporting you, this part of the mattress lays out the foundation for all of the layers on top of it. Finally, this part of the bed is also responsible for motion transfer resistance. Your partner won’t be awoken in the morning when you get out of bed because this part of the mattress keeps the motion isolated.

Rayon from Bamboo Cover

The cover on this mattress features rayon, which makes it better-suited for keeping you comfortable in a wide range of ways. For example, you won’t have to worry about the bed getting too hot as you sleep because the rayon will be able to dissipate the heat and keep you cool.

Other than temperature control, the cover on this mattress is also exceptionally soft, to the point that you’ll be able to feel it through your bed sheets. There’s also the advantage of rayon wicking away moisture so that sweat won’t bother you as you sleep and after you wake up in the morning after hotter nights.

Pros and Cons

To know whether or not a mattress will work for you, you need to take a look at the various pros and cons and see whether or not they match up with what you need.


This mattress has a wide range of advantages, but the following three are the most notable ones:

  • Fully Non-Toxic Construction:One of the main benefits of this mattress is that it features CertiPUR certification, so you know that it’s safe.
  • Better Edge Support:Thanks to the layer of four super-dense foam inserts coupled with the coils, this mattress has much better edge support than other models.
  • Soft and Comfortable:With the rayon cover and the pillow top, this mattress is much more comfortable than the competition.


There aren’t too many downsides to this mattress, so this section may seem a little nitpicky. Over an extended period of time, this mattress will begin to wear out differently across the top layer thanks to the three-zone construction. Keep this in mind if you notice that one area of your bed is different a few years down the line.

What Customers Have to Say

We also went through what buyers of this mattress had to say about it and compiled their thoughts here. Most customers were impressed by the blend of support and plushness that the mattress offered, a benefit that is only possible thanks to the mix of memory foam and encased coils.


While the encased coil base may make this mattress a little unconventional compared to other bamboo models, it gets the job done better than a lot of them too. For those of you that need something a little more supportive than a full foam mattress, this product is a worthy alternative.

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