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Lucid 16 inch Bamboo Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review

August 5, 2018
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

Searching for the right mattress is always a challenge, regardless of whether you’re buying it online or in store. You may feel like you’re getting a better idea of a mattress in store when you lie down on it, but you’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to determine how pleasant one would be to sleep on without doing so.

In the end, you’re better off buying your mattress online, so you don’t have to pay the store their cut for being the middle-man in the transaction. However, this still leaves a crucial issue. How are you going to know which mattress to purchase based on the (often deceitful) words of the mattress maker?

One of the best ways to do so is to check out some mattress reviews, and you’re in the right place because we’ll be reviewing one of the more popular mattresses out there in this guide. The LUCID company is known for their high-quality products, so let’s see if that’s the case with this model from them.


  • 4-layer design
  • Extra-plush feel
  • Primarily made of memory foam
  • Manufactured in an eco-friendly manner
  • Bamboo charcoal foam

Tencel Cover

The top layer of this mattress features a Tencel/Polyester blend cover. (Tencel is a fabric made from wood pulp. You can read more here.), which is present to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible while you sleep. The first thing you’ll notice is just how soft the material is. You’ll think that you can relax on this bed with no sheets when you feel the extreme softness of the top layer.

Beyond the Tencel’s softness, it also has the benefit of regulating your temperature, something which should always be left to the top layer, since it is closest to you. The cover of this mattress helps ensure that you stay cool because of its breathability, allowing air to flow freely through the top.

Since this mattress is breathable, this creates a layer of air between you and the rest of the mattress which is continually replaced, allowing you to enjoy the night with a consistent temperature. If you have trouble sleeping in the summer or you’d like your bed to be softer, this layer ensures that you’ll enjoy both benefits.

Bamboo Charcoal Foam Layer

The second part of this mattress is composed of bamboo charcoal foam, which is the main distinguishing factor between this model and other ones which are offered by LUCID. The use of this foam ensures that you’ll have the plushness you need for additional comfort.

This layer is made out of all natural bamboo charcoal foam, and it is the closest one to you after the bed’s cover, so you also won’t have to worry about being exposed to chemicals. Of course, the chemicals used in the creation of this mattress’ foam are non-toxic, as shown by the CertiPUR certification.

Foam Base

Finally, you have the foam base of this bed which is responsible for supporting every other part of it. Of course, the bottom does more than ensure that the mattress stays standing. The right base will go a long way towards improving your back health because you will be able to maintain your position as you sleep.

Shifting around and not having enough support is bad for your spine, as you’ll want it to stay aligned while you’re sleeping. If a bed’s base is unreliable or doesn’t provide enough support some parts of your back will shift while you sleep, and this can lead to a host of back problems later on.

CertiPUR-US Certification

This mattress has also been certified by an agency that ensures mattresses are made safely and sustainably. When you purchase the LUCID mattress, you won’t have to worry about any toxic elements or anything else that can end up harming you, as the bed has been made to abide by CertiPUR standards.

Beyond the toxicity of the materials, you can also enjoy a clean conscience, because this mattress uses as many sustainable resources as possible in its construction. CertiPUR also ensures that a bed won’t be a fire hazard. As you can see, this certification can give you the peace of mind you desire.

Pros and Cons

Now, we’ve discussed this bed’s features at length, but you’re probably wondering exactly how it benefits you. Once we’ve addressed that, we’ll look at the downsides.


  • Superior Comfort:While many other mattresses are designed to be as supportive as possible, this model is plushier to provide additional comfort for you.
  • Multi-Layered:Thanks to the wide range of different layers on this mattress, you’ll be able to benefit from both support and comfort.
  • Little Motion Transfer:One of the most surprising things about this mattress is that it has very little motion transfer so that you won’t wake up your partner.


You can rest assured that you’re not going to hear anything which is going to shatter your perception of this LUCID mattress. This model’s only real downside is that it is a little inconsistent when it comes to unboxing, with some being fully ready within five minutes and others taking up to an hour. However, this likely depends on the conditions and area where you unbox it.

What Customers Have to Say

So what do your fellow customers think of this mattress? The vast majority of buyers mentioned that this is one of the more comfortable mattresses they’ve ever tried. Many customers praised this bed for featuring a truly plushy composition, which helps immensely with comfort and other issues.

On the other hand, you have some customers who had issues unboxing this mattress. Some buyers mentioned that their bed took up to a day to fully expand. Another common problem is that the smell doesn’t go away from the mattress until at least 24 hours have gone by.


Finding the right mattress means doing your research, but you don’t need to when you have reviews which can sum it all up for you. Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide, and we hope that it’s helped you learn what you wanted to know about this LUCID mattress.

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