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Viscose from Bamboo Bedding Vs Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Written by Natalie Wilson


When looking to buy bedding, one of the most important things to do is research the health benefits and comfort of the materials. There are two main types of  high quality bedding available for purchase: Egyptian Cotton and Viscose from Bamboo. As you might expect, we here at Best Bamboo Guide are somewhat biased, but here are some very important facts about Viscose from Bamboo and Egyptian Cotton bedding that can help you decide which is best for you.

First, which is healthier for the environment and for the user?

Viscose from Bamboo bedding is a naturally breathable material since it is made of very thin fibers and threads. Egyptian Cotton bedding on the contrary is not as breathable, nor is it as natural and healthy as Viscose from Bamboo bedding.

Cotton is grown as a pesticide-intensive crop, cotton grown in Egypt is called Egyptian Cotton. The chemicals used to grow cotton are harmful to the environment and the users of any cotton material. Bamboo does not need pesticides or agricultural chemicals to grow.

Second, which is more comfortable?

Both types products are very comfortable. Viscose from Bamboo bedding diffuses sweat, and is naturally temperature controlled, while Egyptian Cotton bedding absorbs water and doesn’t have intrinsic temperature control. This means that in the winter viscose bamboo bedding is warm and in the summer viscose bamboo bedding is cool.

Egyptian Cotton bedding is silky, soft, and has a high thread count. Viscose Bamboo bedding thread count is more than Egyptian Cotton’s by a land slide because the viscose bamboo fibers are much finer.  This leads to a much smoother and softer feel.  One might say that viscose bamboo is to cotton as cashmere is to wool.


Both types of bedding are very highly valued when looking to buy the best premium bedding. However, viscose bamboo bedding is more environmentally and user friendly than Egyptian Cotton. One important thing that matters to us is that you are happy with the product you buy.  This is why we have reviewed and recommend mattresses, pillows, and sheets made with bamboo derived materials.

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Natalie Wilson

When I'm not studying up on the latest eco-friendly ways to produce everyday items (particularly using bamboo), you can find me playing trivia at a local bar, or hanging out at the beach.

I love the idea of using an abundant resource like bamboo to make a huge varieties of items we use everyday.  Particularly when those are currently being made with plastic, or plants that require pesticides and a huge amount of water to grow.

Hopefully this site will inspire people to think about ways they can improve their sleep, decrease the strain they put on the environment, and generally get better, long-lasting products that are also sustainable and of higher quality than the products they are used to.

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