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Bamboo Baby Products – A Comprehensive Guide

November 5, 2019 - by Natalie Wilson

From Clothes to Towels, Lists and Reviews of the Best Bamboo Baby Products

All parents want what's best for their baby and their baby's health. Most of us also want to buy eco-friendly and organic products to help the environment and minimize our baby's exposure to toxic chemicals and pollution. Luckily, it's never been easier - in terms of availability and affordability - to buy eco-friendly bamboo baby products of all sorts. If you've read our article, WHY BAMBOO?, then you know bamboo is a great choice to protect your baby's healthy and protect the environment.

Trying to find high-quality, safe, healthy, and environmentally concscious bamboo baby products is a challenge: searching through tons of product listings for all of the important information on which products are really non-toxic, which are organic, and which are going to last is a challenge. We've put together this list to help out!

Why You Should Use Bamboo Products for Your Baby

By using toxin free items with no traces of hazardous chemicals and poisons you are helping ensure the health of your baby. Since bamboo requires no pesticides or chemicals to grow, there are many great options for toxin free baby products derived from bamboo. Of course, you still have to make sure you are getting high quality products that don’t introduce chemicals or toxins in the manufacturing process. It doesn’t help to get a bamboo based product that isn’t certified chemical or toxin free.

Using organic bamboo derived baby clothes and materials helps parents ensure that their baby will only be exposed to the gentlest fabric, designed for the most delicate skin. Bamboo derived baby products are ideal. By choosing certified chemical and toxin free baby products, you can rest assured as a parent that your children will not be exposed to poisonous toxins, particularly the pesticides required to grow cotton-based products. Bamboo derived baby products are a good choice for your baby and the environment!

Now that you're convinced you should use bamboo baby products, let's get on with the lists of the best products in each category!

Best Bamboo Baby Clothes

If you're trying to do your part to save the environment, choosing the right clothes for your baby may not be the obvious place to start, but you'd be surprised what a big difference such a small thing can make! The best part about choosing bamboo baby clothes is that they aren't just environmentally friendly, but are fantastic for your baby's comfort and health.

How We Evaluated Baby Clothes for Our List

We evaluated each item on our list of best bamboo baby clothes based on six criteria:

  • Organic. Is the bamboo clothing item certified as organic, meaning that it is grown, cultivated and manufactured using completely organic means. All bamboo is grown without pesticides or chemicals and with minimal water usage because bamboo doesn't need all of those extra chemicals to grow extremely well. However, once you get into the cultivation and production of bamboo fabric things can start getting a little trickier. The process used to turn bamboo into fabric is the "viscose" process (the same way that any rayon fabric is produced) and this process can differ in terms of how environmentally friendly it is. We also looked at what certifications the fabric had: Oeko-Tex 100 is the gold standard. It provides an independent certification that the finished product has absolutely no chemical or toxic residues.
  • Type of Clothing. There are all sorts of bamboo baby clothes from baby t-shirts, to rompers, onesies, and pajamas. You definitely want to know exactly what you're getting before making your purchase, and sometimes the manufacturer pictures and descriptions are weirdly mysterious on this point.
  • Sizes. Of course this is critical information since you want your bamboo clothes to fit your little one properly. Not only did we look at what the manufacturer claims on sizing, but we went through hundreds of customer reviews to make sure the sizing is consistent from item to item. You'd be surprised how inconsistent some manufacturers can be with their baby clothes sizes.
  • Color. How many choices of design and color are there? Are the colors and designs shown in the picture accurate, or do they make the colors look better and brighter than they actually are? We took a good look not just at the colors when the item is new, but how the colors stood up over time.
  • Ease-of-Care. Machine washable is a must. If we couldn't just throw it in the washing machine to get it clean then it was going to be too difficult to maintain for us. Even amongst all of the clothing that is machine washable there is a big variation in how much care you need to take with it. Some items need to be washed on their own without any other fabrics in the machine with them. That might not be a problem for you, but it's definitely something you should know about an item before you purchase it. Knowing how easy a clothing item is to clean is essential for all kids clothing.
  • Gender. It is for boys, girls, or both?

Top 8 Bamboo Baby Clothing Options

​​​​1. Lark Adventurewear Pajama for Boys and Girls

The Lark Adventure Pajama is made in the USA from 40% viscose bamboo and 60% cotton, combining the softness of bamboo with the greater durability of a cotton blend. This great looking onesie is designed for boys or girls ages 3 months to 24 months. There are 5 different color and pattern options, all of which have grips on the feet for those that are starting to walk around by themselves. These pajama sets are super soft to the touch and are quite breathable. In addition to the usual features, these bamboo baby pajamas are SPF rated up to 50+ to protect your baby from harmful UV. They also have a single simple zipper system that runs from top to bottom making getting them on and off quite easy.

These pajamas are machine washable, and are quite durable because of the cotton blend used in the fabric. These pajamas are also certified chemical-free and are naturally anti-microbial to protect your family from harmful germs.

We liked these baby pajamas a lot. Usually we look for 100% bamboo products, but we included cotton blends on baby pajamas since the added durability is really key here. The 100% bamboo pajamas just don't last as long as most parents would like. The real difference here is the quality and design of the product. You can tell that Lark put a lot of effort into sources quality materials and stitching. These are made in the USA, which gives us greater confidence in the chemical-free claims. These are highly recommended.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

2. Silkberry Baby Bamboo Unisex-Baby Newborn Footie Sleeper

The Silkberry Baby Bamboo Unisex Footie Sleeper is made from 97% viscose from bamboo and 3% spandex for a bit of stretch. Available in 15 different colors and with 5 different size options, there are plenty of choices for almost every parent. Since these are almost entirely viscose bamboo fabric, they are extremely soft and breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, and extremely comfortable and gentle on the skin. These are made with a center zip to make diaper changes as quick and painless as possible. The spandex is used to create an elastic ankle that keeps the sleeper in place and provides a snug fit for baby.

SilkBerry products have a strong reputation, receiving awards from a number of publications and parenting organizations. If you're looking for (nearly) 100% bamboo sleepwear for your baby, then the SilkBerry is our top choice (since the Lark sleeper is only 40% bamboo). The only downside to the 100% bamboo construction is that it is a bit less durable than the bamboo-cotton blend used in some other baby pajamas.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

3. Posh Peanut One Piece Elegant Bamboo Baby Romper

Backed by Posh Peanut's 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can buy these with confidence knowing that you'll get a full refund if you aren't delighted with the product. Although these are well-loved products, so returns aren't so common, there are plenty of people who have used the money back guarantee with no issues at all. Just send Posh Peanut an email for a full refund.

One of the biggest features of the Posh Peanut romper is the variety of cool and interesting styles and patterns. The brand is well-known for making great looking baby clothes for both boys and girls and for all ages. The line of Bamboo rompers is no exception. You can get them in a wide range of flower patterns as well as some solid colors, and even dinosaurs!

Most importantly though, the bamboo fabric used to make these one piece rompers is soft and extremely comfortable. Hopefully by now you already know that bamboo is one of the best choices for sensitive skin, and the Posh Peanut fabric is definitely no exception. These also have a lovely ruffle design with snaps for easy diaper changes.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

4. Kyte Baby Footies

Available in a range of sizes from newborn up to 24 months, and also in a nice selection of colors and patterns, these 97% organic bamboo footies have 3% spandex for a little bit of stretchiness. Your baby will look super adorable in these hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, all natural baby clothes. Kyte included a printed label on the back to avoid a tag irritating your baby's skin. These are also super easy to clean: there's no special instructions, just through them in the wash to get them clean and you are good to go. The fabric is as smooth as silk and has well-designed fold over feet that can keep your baby's toes warm when needed, or fold out of the way in warmer temperatures. These are really fashionable, and have snaps up the front and legs to make taking them on and off a breeze.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

5. Kozi & Co. Baby Sleeper Newborn Footie Pajamas

This cold weather sleeper will help keep your baby warm. Made from super soft bamboo and available in nine different colors and seven different sizes, your baby will love playing and sleeping in these pajamas. These have a high quality ribbed foot design so walking children will have no trouble getting around without falling down. In keeping with the warm design, these also feature fold over mittens on smaller sizes so your baby's fingers and hands won't get cold if you're outside. These also feature easy to use snaps up the middle and a flap in the back.

As with all bamboo baby clothes these are naturally hypoallergenic and are extremely breathable to keep your baby comfortable while sleeping or moving around. These are also extremely gentle on the skin, and won't lead to scratching or irritation. These do fit rather snugly so they are great for play time as well. These are a great option!

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

6. Newborn Organic Bamboo Fabric Unisex Bodysuits by Simma

Every baby will loook absolutely super cute wearing any of the designs in this unisex 3-pack. Although not from a brand we'd encountered before, they definitely came to the rescue with these 97% bamboo (3% spandex) onesies.

Somtimes it can be difficult to find separate pants, shirts, etc., that fit correctly since every baby seems to grow a little differently. That's where these lovely unisex onesies can really save you money and effort.

The bamboo fabric on these is extremely soft, and a bit thinner than many of the other options on our list. This makes them perfect for warm weather. The snap closure is perfect for making sure they fit securely, and prevents the shirt from pulling up around the baby's head and neck.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

7. MilkBarn Bamboo Zip Pajamas - Tutu Elephant

Made entirely from viscose bamboo, this extremely adorable set of pajamas for your little one features fun elephants that everyone will love. There is a front zipper that makes them easy to get off and on, and makes diaper changes relatively simple. There is also elastic around the hands and around the feet to keep your baby warm and snug. There are four sizes to choose from ranging from 3 months to 18 months. These make a great outfir for girls or boys. Just slipping these on, you'll instantly realize that they were a great decision. A bonus is that these lovely bamboo baby clothes come in their own bag, which makes them an ideal gift, or just great for having an extra bag to carry all of your baby's stuff. It's definitely an added bonus!

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

8. MilkBarn Bamboo Infant Toddler Hooded Romper

The MilkBarn Bamboo Hooded romper is made from 67% viscose from bamboo and 33% organic cotton. These uniquely designed baby pajamas have a zipper from toe to belly for faster and easier diaper changes. The torso has three snaps at the top, but otherwise leaves the chest unexposed. These organic cotton and bamboo viscose pajamas are perfect for a baby’s delicate skin because they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, repelling dust mites and unwanted germs. These organic pajamas are naturally breathable, comfortably regulating your baby’s temperature throughout the night. Bamboo derived fabrics help to control body temperature so that it keeps you warm in cold seasons and relaxingly cool in warm seasons. The fabric adds extra absorbency to help eliminate unwanted lingering odors.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

Best Bamboo Baby Plates & Bowls

Entering the stage of table meals and foods requires that your baby have the right tools to succeed without the risking their health. Sure, it would be possible to go with the bowls and utensils you already have, but these are not designed for children. That's why getting baby-specific plates and bowls is critical.

One thing that is immediately obvious to anyone who has gone looking for baby plates and bowls is that there are a lot of choices when it comes to material. While materials like silicon and stainless steel have their merits, many people find that bamboo is the correct choice for their child. As we mention all the time, bamboo is a renewable, natural resource that is sustainable and great for the planet. See our article on "Why Bamboo?" if you need convincing.

There are several features that we looked for when testing out bamboo plates and bowls. The most important things we were watching out for, and think you should to, are:

  • Non-Breakable. This is obvious. Baby plates and bowls are going to get some abuse, so you want something that is going to standup to being banged about a little bit.
  • Easily cleaned. A bit more difficult with bamboo options. A lot of options are not dishwasher safe (even if they claim to be) because overtime the bamboo will start to split and warp a little bit. This is just unavoidable because of the intense heat in a dishwasher. We recommended hand washing most bamboo bowls and plates. Of course, they aren't that expensive so if you decide to use the dishwasher you definitely can. You just might need to replace them a bit more often.
  • Microwave safe. Definitely check if the plates and bowls are microwave safe. Most bamboo plates and bowls are, but it's worth making sure. One major advantage of bamboo over other materials is that you don't need to worry about chemicals or toxins that might leach into food while microwaving.
  • Size. Baby plates and bowls should be an appropriate size for babies. Duh!

Top 3 Choices for Bamboo Baby Plates & Bowls

1. Avanchy Bamboo Baby Bowl and Spoon Set

Avanchy makes a Baby Bamboo Bowl and Spoon Set as well as a Bamboo Plate and Spoon Set. If you're look for bamboo bowls and plates with suction bottoms, then this is the ideal choice. With this feature you won't have to be concerned about large mess from falling plates or bowls since they will attach securely to almost any dining surface. The suction mechanism also has a quick release feature so that it won't be any trouble for you to actually get the plate back up when cleaning up after the meal.

One of the best features of Avanchy products is that (other than suction device which is made from silicone) the bowl and plate are 100% bamboo with no fillers, dyes, etc. These are certified free of BPA, plastic, lead and dyes.

Finally, these are also really nice looking and you can immediately feel that they are high-quality construction. They are not thin and flimsy like some baby plates you'll find out there. One final additional feature is that the silicone suction device is removable, so that you can keep using these bowls as your baby matures and doesn't need that security anymore.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon for the Avanchy Bamboo Baby Bowls and the ​Avanchy Bamboo Baby Plates​​​.

2. Bobo & Boo Bamboo Kids Plates & Bowls

If you're in the market for environmentally conscious toddler plates and bowls, then Bobo & Boo bamboo bowls and plates are one of our top choices. Both the plates and bowls are sold in sets of four, and are a great deal on a per plate or per bowl basis. We also think these are some of the best looking bamboo toddler plates and bowls around with a clean, modern look that is really appealing.

The health and evironmental creditials of Bobo & Boo plates and bowls are top notch: sustainably sourced bamboo, non-toxic, PVC and BPA free. Bobo & Boo bamboo products are made from food-grade bamboo approved by the FDA so you can use them with absolutely confidence.

One concern we had upon first seeing these plates and bowls was the coloring. They don't look like you're typical bamboo plates and bowls and we were worried they might be using paints or dyes of some kind to get that look. We couldn't have been more wrong! The colors are achieved by mixing natural pigments into the bamboo, so they are rich colors that shouldn't fade over time and are completely safe and natural.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon for the Bobo & Boo Bamboo Kids Bowls and the Bobo & Boo Bamboo Kids Plates.

3. WeeSprout Bamboo Toddler Plates & Bowls

The WeeSprout bamboo plates and bowls are perfect for toddlers! They are practical and made of 100% bamboo, which should stand up to anything your little ones can throw at them (or throw them at for that matter). These also come with a lifetime warranty covering virtually everything. They are guarnateed not to chip or crack, and are incredibly sturdy and durable. They are also completley dishwasher safe, so are a snap to clean up.

The plates and bowls both come in sets of four, and are at a completely affordable price. Definitely some of the best bamboo plates and bowls available right now.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon for the WeeSprout Bamboo Toddler Bowls and the WeeSprout Bamboo Toddler Plates.

Best Bamboo Baby Blankets

Searching for the right blanket for your baby is challenging, especially if you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative that will provide maximum comfort for your baby. Making sure that the blanket will keep your baby warm while also ensuring that it is as comfortable and healthy as possible for their skin can start to feel daunting with all of the different fabric choices available. We think that bamboo baby blankets are the ideal choice to meet all of these requirements.

The main alternatives to bamboo baby blankets are cotton blankets. Bamboo is a superior choice here because of all of the benefits of bamboo fabrics to the environment and to the health of your baby. One other advantage is that bamboo blankets are both affordable and long-lasting.

The following are our top choices for the best bamboo baby blankets.

Top 3 Choices for Bamboo Baby Blankets

1. Aden + Anais Silky Soft Swaddle Blanket from 100% Viscose Bamboo

If you're shopping for a bamboo blanket for your baby, one important thing to watch out for is that it is actually made from 100% bamboo. A lot of baby blankets that have "bamboo" in the name are actually blends of bamboo with other materials. Depending on what the material is, that could seriously detract from the benefits and comfort of the blanket. It's particularly worth avoiding any polyester or micro-fiber blends.

In our opinion, the Aden + Anais' bamboo baby blankets are the best you can find at a reasonable price. It's also worth checking out some of the other eco-friendly products by this brand as they have some excellent offers.

One especially nice aspect to the Aden + Anais bamboo baby blanket is that it is a single-layer design, maximizing breathability. If you are in warmer areas, then this is especially useful. There's also a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren't happy with the blanket, so it's totally risk free!

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

2. Bunny Palm Muslin Swaddle Blanket from Organic Bamboo

We were really drawn to the beautiful design of these blankets. Of course you want to get something that is healthy, environmentally friendly, and comfortable, but you also want something that looks good! The Bunny Palm Organic Bamboo Baby Blanket definitely delivers on all of the above.

This is also a good choice for those looking for something that is gender neutral since the patterns are absolutely great for either boys or girls. This also comes in a somewhat larger size than average, which we definitely found preferable so that you aren't trying to stretch it at the corners to keep your baby comfortable.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

3. Little Jump Muslin Oversized Large Toddler Blanket from 100% Bamboo

The final entry on our list of the top three choices is the LittleJump Large Bamboo Baby Blanket. Ensuring that your baby is comfortable and warm while they are wrapped up in their bamboo blanket is obviously an important consideration. In additon to that you want a breathable blanket so that it doesn't get too stuffy or smelly. The LittleJump blanket is a great option since it's single-layer design ensures maximum breathability.

These blankets are a bit more expensive than the first two options, and the upside to that is they are a higher quality construction and are more durable. Since you won't have to replace this as often, it may end up cheaper in the long run.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

Best Bamboo Baby Towels

Bathtime with your baby can be adorable, but if you don't have the right baby bath time accessories, it can be a water-soaked nightmare. Already have the perfect bath tub gear? That's a good start, but you cannot leave out the baby towels and baby washcloths that are super soft and properly sized. These can make a huge difference to you and your baby!

It's no secret that a baby's can get cold much more easily than an adult. Therefore, it is critical to have a cuddly, soft, and warm baby towel ready for them when their bath is finished. If you're looking for towels that are both cute, but also protect your baby's skin and the environment, then bamboo baby towels are the right choice for you!

Most of the options on our list are bamboo baby towels with hoods. In addition to being absolutely cute, they are really practical. Experts estimate that over 30% of a baby's body heat is lost through its head, so having a hood attached to the towel is a great way to keep your baby warm after bathtime.

On to our top choices for the best bamboo baby towel.

Top 3 Choices for Bamboo Baby Towels

1. San Francisco Baby Bamboo Baby Towels

After getting your baby totally clean, you want to make sure that the towel you use doesn't irritate or damage their skin right after their bath. One of the most important benefits of using a towel made from bamboo for your baby is that the bamboo material resists germs and bacteria more easily than other materials. The best part is that it does this while being incredibly soft and luxurious on your baby's skin.

Wrapping your baby in this hooded towel from San Francisco Baby after their bath will comfort their tender skin and keep them at a comfortable temperature while drying. These are a definite must-have if your baby has particularly sensitive skin or other skin concerns.

This towel is 40x28 and is rated at 500 GSM (grams per square meter) and has a cute animal ear hood. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee that promises a refund within 12 hours, no questions asked.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

2. Natemia Extra Soft Bamboo Baby Towels

Along with the San Francisco Baby option above, these are the absolute softest bamboo baby towels that we could find. Your baby will definitely feel warm, comfortable and happy wrapped up in this towel. Your baby will also look super cute with the bear ears on the hood!

As with the above option, this is a thick and absorbent 500 GSM towel. One of the benefits of bamboo fabric is how quickly it absorbs water and dries out, so unlike some thick cotton towels, you won't have to wait forever for this to dry out.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.

3. Channing & Yates Bamboo Baby Towels

When you are trying to find a towel for your baby, softer, bigger and cuter are all positives! The Channing & Yates hooded bamboo baby towel definitely delivers on all three of this directives.

Prices, more photos, and customer reviews available on Amazon.


Hopefully we've convinced you that bamboo products are a great choice for your baby, and hopefully we provided you with lots of great options for a variety of needs.

Thanks for checking out all of our baby bamboo product recommendations! If you think there's something we missed feel free to leave a comment. Also, go ahead and check out the rest of the site for other bamboo products!