Bamboo Baby Products – A Comprehensive Guide

May 26, 2016
by Natalie Wilson – Best Bamboo Guide

All parents want what’s best for their baby and their baby’s health. In doing so, you are constantly searching for the best eco-friendly, non-toxic baby products out there for healthy children. By using toxin free items with no traces of hazardous chemicals and poisons you are helping ensure the health of your baby. Since bamboo requires no pesticides or chemicals to grow, there are many great options for toxin free baby products derived from bamboo. Of course, you still have to make sure you are getting high quality products that don’t introduce chemicals or toxins in the manufacturing process. It doesn’t help to get a bamboo based product that isn’t certified chemical or toxin free.

Using organic bamboo derived baby clothes and materials helps parents ensure that their baby will only be exposed to the gentlest fabric, designed for the most delicate skin. Bamboo derived baby products are ideal. By choosing certified chemical and toxin free baby products, you can rest assured as a parent that your children will not be exposed to poisonous toxins, particularly the pesticides required to grow cotton-based products. Bamboo derived baby products are a good choice for your baby and the environment!

Reviews of the Top 5 Bamboo Derived Baby Products

1. Cloth Diaper Inserts in Charcoal Bamboo (5 Layer) by AngelicWare

Bamboo baby products The AngelicWare Reusable Liners for Baby Pocket Diapers promise security against unwanted leaks throughout the day. Made from 100% organic charcoal bamboo, these gentle liners are antibacterial and eliminate lasting odors. These bamboo baby liners are naturally breathable, helping keep your baby’s body temperature comfortably regulated. Because they are hypoallergenic, they are recommended for the most delicate skin. This helps prevent many conditions including: rashes, eczema, infant acne, and more. These reusable bamboo baby liners absorb significantly more moisture than leading brands, and are perfect for overnight use. These naturally made liners are one of the best organic baby products available.
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2. Eco Friendly Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers by Andy Pandy

List of the best bamboo baby products The Andy Pandy Baby Diapers are luxuriously gentle. Their premium design comes with an elastic waist band and flexible side panels for guaranteed protection. They are sold in a large pack of 70 diapers. These diapers have extra absorption, preventing unwanted leaks throughout the day and night. Made from biodegradable bamboo derived materials, these baby diapers are toxin free and safe for your baby and the environment. Excluding harmful chemicals such as chlorine and alcohol, the Andy Pandy Baby Diapers are one of the most eco-friendly baby products available.
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3. Softest Rayon Bamboo Chic Nursing Infinity Scarf

Best organic baby nursing scarf made from bamboo The Nursing Cover in Softest Bamboo is a particularly gentle nursing cover made from 95% rayon from bamboo and 5% spandex. With 360 degree coverage, this versatile cover can be used for breastfeeding, protection against the sun, swaddling, or even a scarf. Created in a neutral color with no design prints, this bamboo nursing cover can be used year round, as its natural breathability regulates your body temperature accordingly. It is hypoallergenic and recommended for the most delicate skin, keeping you and your baby comfortable. Its antibacterial, and dust mite resistant characteristics eliminate lasting stains and unwanted smells.
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4. Hello Baby Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

Waterproof baby crib mattress cover made from bamboo The Hello Baby Crib Mattress Cover is made from premium ultra-soft bamboo rayon terry fabric. This bamboo rayon fabric has exceptional gentleness, making it safe for your baby to sleep directly on top of it. Conveniently 100% waterproof, this trustworthy baby bedding absorbs significantly more moisture than other mattress toppers. This mattress cover is naturally breathable, as it keeps your baby’s body temperature comfortably regulated throughout the night. Eliminating dust mites, bacteria, and bothersome odors, this antibacterial cover will continue to fight off unwelcome germs. The Hello Baby Crib Mattress Cover is among the finest eco-friendly baby products out there!
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5. Pajammie Zipsuit Baby Romper

Natural organic bamboo baby products The Pajammi Zipsuit Baby Romper is made from 67% viscose from bamboo and 33% organic cotton. These uniquely designed baby pajamas have a zipper from toe to belly for faster and easier diaper changes. The torso has three snaps at the top, but otherwise leaves the chest unexposed. These organic cotton and bamboo viscose pajamas are perfect for a baby’s delicate skin because they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, repelling dust mites and unwanted germs. These organic pajamas are naturally breathable, comfortably regulating your baby’s temperature throughout the night. Bamboo derived fabrics help to control body temperature so that it keeps you warm in cold seasons and relaxingly cool in warm seasons. The fabric adds extra absorbency to help eliminate unwanted lingering odors.
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The Advantages of Viscose from Bamboo Eco-Friendly Baby Products

  • Viscose from bamboo fabric is antibacterial, therefore, it fights off unpleasant smells that linger. Keep your baby fresh with these viscose from bamboo materials.
  • Viscose from bamboo fabric is significantly more absorbent, keeping your baby dry throughout the day without unwanted leakage.
  • The fabrics in these baby products is naturally breathable, allowing air to circulate better, keeping your baby’s body heat regulated. These temperature controlled products will keep your baby relaxingly cool in hot weather and cozy in cold weather.
  • Viscose from bamboo fabrics are hypoallergenic. Because bamboo is not harvested with harmful pesticides, your viscose from bamboo baby products will not be creating toxic chemicals in the growing process, unlike cotton based fabrics. Viscose from bamboo baby fabric is recommended for sensitive skin, and feels very gentle and silky.
  • Bamboo is one of nature’s most versatile and sustainable sources. Products made from bamboo come from an organic foundation. The roots are not destroyed when bamboo is harvested, and it takes nearly no water in order to grow. Products derived from bamboo are a brilliant choice for the environment’s well-being.

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