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Our motivating principle here at BestBambooGuide is to change the way people think about the possibilities of bamboo bedding and other bamboo textiles and accessories. Since sleep is fundamental to good health, we want to give consumers the information they need to make good choices when purchasing sheets, pillows, and mattresses, and help educate people on the benefits of bamboo fabrics for these products. As such, we are always happy to hear from journalists and bloggers since it helps us to reach a broader audience.

As a leading voice in the bamboo products industry, our writers and contributors use their knowledge and independent insights to highlight exciting new products, explain health-related sleep issues, and explore emerging trends in the cultivation and use of bamboo. We are also excited to share our expert-level knowledge of bamboo and bamboo products and the science, manufacturing, and distribution of those products.

Please feel free to reach out to us, ask questions, request interviews with any of our writers, and get an in depth look at how things here at BestBambooGuide work.

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The review process we use here at BestBambooGuide is independent and unbiased, and we put each product through a significant amount of testing over time. We also do a comprehensive audit of all of the reviews we can find online through retailers and the manufacturers website to help us determine the quality standards of the product in question. If you would like the BestBambooGuide team to provide an <strong>impartial review</strong> of your bamboo product, please ​contact us.

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