About Natalie Wilson

Bamboo Sheets HeroHi Everyone, I'm Natalie Wilson and I write the content here at BestBambooGuide! You can read some of my credentials below. In addition to the degrees I have, I am also working towards a Ph.D. So, I do research, teach classes, and run this blog!

I have two Bachelors degrees (one in engineering and one in economics) from the University of Pennsylvania in lovely Philadelphia. I love researching ways to reduce water consumption and promote eco-friendly products.

Also, I love sleeping. I sleep pretty much every single day! Combining these two passions makes me uniquely qualified to evaluate all of the bamboo fabric products, particular bamboo bedding products that are available these days.

As you can see from the list of the list of my recent articles below, I have developed a lot of expertise in the area of using bamboo to replace a lot of everyday products that are made with either cotton or plastic. There are big environmental benefits to this which are covered extensively in the articles.