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Who We Are

BestBambooGuide hopes to promote health, wellness, and environmentally sustainable materials in bedding, clothing, sleepwear, and accessories by providing unbiased, comprehensive, free resources and information. Working with major bedding and clothing brands in the Bamboo market including Cariloha, Bamboo Supply Co, and others we have a large collection of data on customer reviews and experiences (more than 100,000 customer reviews from multiple sources), BestBambooGuide aims to empower consumers, wholesalers, and people with sleeping problems looking for solutions to their sleep needs. Please check back from time to time as we are constantly updating our product selections and ratings.

If you would like to learn about our research process and the integrity of our editorial process please check out our ​research methodology and our ​disclosure statement. BestBambooGuide aims to bring you the most complete and independent bamboo product information and sleep health tips available on the internet and your support is critical to our efforts.

Meet the Team

Natalie Wilson

Founder, Writer, Editor, Everything Else

Natalie Wilson graduated form the University of Pennsylvania in 2001 with two bachelors degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Economics and and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Engineering and spent the next 10 years working in currency trading for some large banks in New York. In 2010, suffering from insomnia and sleep issues from the stresses of working on Wall Street, Natalie moved to Boise, Idaho and cultivated her interests in sleep hygiene. At the same time she became more environmentally conscious and saw Bamboo Bedding products as an ideal combination of the two interests. Once she started researching the issues, she found that there was a lot of contradictory and flat out inaccurate information from one website to the next. Trying to set the record straight and provide readers with accurate, up-to-date information was the genesis of BestBambooGuide.com!


The following are some of the sleep experts in the sleep and bamboo industry we have quoted, spoken with, or been especially influenced by. You'll find insights from these experts sprinkled through our articles and blog posts, and we wanted to specifically mention the most important figures whose research and opinions we relied upon most frequently to inform our articles.

Jeff Thompson


Jeff has been writing about bedding and sleep issues on various websites for over 12 years since he got his start writing for sites like Wikihow and About.com. After several years of producing great content for sites that didn't seem to appreciate it, Jeff started looking for writing gigs for smaller, more-focused websites. He then teamed up with Natalie to start reviewing and writing some of the sleep-related content on BestBambooGuide, assisting with collecting user reviews and data across the whole range of bamboo bedding products. From bamboo mattresses, to bamboo duvet covers, and bamboo sheets, Jeff has probably read and analyzed well over 100,000 user reviews from different websites to figure out what issues were cropping up with each product the most frequently. From all of this effort, our articles and ratings emerge!

James Wright

Technical Consultant

Originally from Dallas, Texas, James migrated to Boulder, Colorado after a series of odd jobs in Texas and Colorado. After taking some intense programming and web development courses, James is now working independently helping small sites such as BestBambooGuide turn their vision into successful, easy-to-use websites. He is also passionate about the BestBambooGuide project since working from home in front of a computer screen all day has led to any number of sleep hygiene related issues. Trying out new sleep promoting products such as "blue glasses" and various screen dimmers has given James an appreciation for the importance of good bedding in a proper sleep hygiene regimen.

Emily Crawford

Marketing Consultant

Emily Crawford is a Montreal native who moved to Connecticut for university. Looking to get into sleep research, she worked in several labs and clinics in Connecticut before moving over to roles in marketing. She first started doing research on mattresses when she found herself living in a tiny apartment with her not-so-tiny dog who was a real bed hog. Her interest in finding ways to improve the quality of sleep that she was getting led her to marketing roles with mattress manufacturers. She helps us here at BestBambooGuide with our mattress research and figuring out which mattress brands are introducing new products and how we can best test the marketing claims of producers.

Peter Smith

Graphic Design, Photo Editing

Peter comes to BestBambooGuide by way of sunny Florida, and does work with a multitude of websites producing informational and visual content as well as editing photos. As with any publication, having great visuals is critical to help educate readers about the technical aspects of the sleep products we review. Peter is a big proponent of sleep health, believing it is one of the key aspects to longevity and happiness. Working with BestBambooGuide to present important information about sleep health has been rewarding for both Peter and the readers who come to the site looking to be educated about how pillows, sheets, and other bamboo products can improve their sleep health.

Bradley Miller

Writer, Sleep Expert

A lifelong resident of Boston, Bradley is a professional editor and writer with a Masters degree in English Literature from Boston University. Bradley has suffered from insomnia and sleep paralysis since high school and knows from first hand experience how crucial getting quality sleep is. Having the right mattress is just the first step. Having sheets and pillows that promote clear breathing, minimize allergies, and keep you cool and dry are all critical factors to getting a good night's rest. In addition to his work with BestBambooGuide, Bradley has written about sleep products and sleep science for a number of other publications and retailers.

Katie Washington

Content Marketer, Sleep Aficionado

Katie is a content marketing expert and amateur sleep aficionado (if you can be an amateur at something you do every single day!) who helps websites produce content that gets noticed. A graduate of Whittier college with a degree in English, she spends most of her time helping online publications produce great content and helps them get that content in front of influencers and major news outlets so that it gets seen by the widest possible audience.

Laura Redmond

Bamboo Accessories Expert

Laura loves sunglasses, watches, and every other bamboo accessory you can think dream up. She's based out of New Mexico, and provides BestBambooGuide with expert opinions on the best producers of bamboo accessories. Our reviews of bamboo sunglasses, bamboo baby products, and bamboo bicycles rely on her expertise.

She's also made efforts at creating her own bamboo sunglasses from scratch.  Literally from scratch, starting with growing the bamboo itself!

Jessica Bell

Sleep Expert, Consultant, Sleep Technologist

Jessica Bell is a professional sleep consultant with almost 15 years experience in the field of sleep medicine. As a registered respiratory therapist, and registered sleep technologist, she has worked for sleep centers and independent sleep organizations all over the country. Jessica's latest interest is in safe sleep education, and helping people make the correct choices to prevent serious sleep-related health issues and even injuries.

A Little More About Our Bamboo and Sleep Research

A good night’s sleep is nothing to be taken lightly. Ultimately it affects your quality of life and how you feel on a day-to-day basis. Here at bestbambooguide.com we aim to help you make a more informed decision on which bedding options are right for you. Whether you are looking for bamboo pillows, bamboo sheets or a bamboo mattress we have reviewed all of the top products on the market. Let us help you achieve a relaxing night’s sleep with all of the information we have uncovered. Through reviews on various bamboo products we can help you reach your goal of waking up every morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

We at BestBambooGuide care about people’s health and the environment we live in. Bamboo bedding has your comfort and the environment in mind when it is created. Bamboo products are much more environmentally friendly because growing bamboo does not require the same toxic chemicals and pesticides that are necessary to grow the cotton used in most other bedding products. In the long term this toxins in cotton are harmful both to you and to the environment. Bamboo bedding alleviates allergies and is recommended for people with asthma and lung problems. While cotton sheets are soft to the touch, they provide no health benefits. We seek to provide you with as much information as possible on the best bedding products made from bamboo so you can have the most comfortable nights sleep.

We aim to be the best source on the internet for products made from one of nature’s most versatile and renewable materials. Starting with bamboo bedding, we will continually expand with more information on various health and eco-friendly bamboo products. We have found that other websites and blogs do not go into enough detail or do enough product comparisons. We want you to have comprehensive and complete guides to make an informed decision when it comes to bamboo bedding. This way, we are sure to help you find the right organic bedding for you and your family. We want you to find the best product quickly and easily.

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