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Why Bamboo?

There are many reasons that viscose bamboo is superior to other fabrics for bedding products such as bamboo sheets and bamboo pillows. Here at BestBambooGuide, our primary concerns are the health benefits, comfort, and environmental impact of the materials that going into your bed or bath products (yup, we also take a deep dive on bamboo towels and bamboo mattresses).

There are two main types of high quality bedding that are available: Egyptian Cotton and Viscose from Bamboo. Here are some very important facts about Viscose from Bamboo and Egyptian Cotton bedding that can help you decide which is best for you.

Both types of bedding are very highly regarded when looking to buy premium bedding. Viscose from Bamboo bedding is more environmentally friendly and has far superior health benefits than Egyptian Cotton. One important thing that matters to us is that you are happy with the product you buy. This is why we have reviewed and recommend mattresses, pillows, and sheets.

But let’s take a further look into why viscose from bamboo products are a good choice. For starters, bamboo is environmentally friendly and healthy for users. Growing bamboo takes little to no water and does not need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. In fact, it is healthy for bamboo plants to be thinned out. Bamboo is nature’s most versatile, sustainable, and renewable material. Bamboo bedding is naturally breathable material since it is made of very thin fibers and threads. The most important point is that growing bamboo does not require the toxic chemicals and pesticides that growing cotton requires. Beyond the environmental impact of these toxins, you will be spending eight or more hours per day sleeping on this material and overtime those toxins take a toll on your health, particularly your lungs and breathing.

  • Viscose from bamboo bedding is naturally breathable material since it is made of very thin fibers and threads.
  • Bamboo does not need pesticides or agricultural chemicals to grow.
  • Bamboo products are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.
  • Recommended for asthma patients and those with other lung problems.
  • Absorbs sweat, and is naturally temperature controlled.

If comfort is what you seek, viscose from bamboo bedding is at the top of the list. The pillows come in a selection of shapes, sizes, and firmness. The sheets and bedding are high in thread counts and come in a variety colors and dimensions. The mattresses and the mattress toppers are combined with various gels and foams to give you the support you need. All bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic, dust mite, mold, and bacteria resistant, regulates a comfortable body temperature, is naturally breathable, and is eco-friendly. Viscose from bamboo bedding is recommended for people who suffer from asthma, allergies, snoring, lung problems and other breathing issues.

Best Bamboo Sheets

The Best Bamboo Sheets in our Comprehensive Reviews

Our top pick for bamboo sheets were the Bamboo Supply Co. sheets. Available in White, Ivory, Light Grey, Charcoal and Tan.

After conducting a comprehensive review of all of the (real) bamboo sheets we could find on the market, we came to the conclusion that the Bamboo Supply Co sheets were the best choice. Cariloha also had two sheet sets that were pretty awesome: the Cariloha Classic and the Cariloha Resort sheets. The difference between the two sets from Cariloha (in addition to the extra $60 for the “Resort” sheets) was basically that the classic use a twill weave while the Resort use a sateen weave. They are both still 100% viscose from bamboo. Some people claim the sateen weave is softer and more breathable than the twill weave, but we really did not find that to be the case.

One note on our ratings and reviews with the sheets: we were only looking at sheets that were 100% viscose from bamboo. We couldn’t find any sheets available today that use the Lyocell process (which is a bit more environmentally friendly, but leads to more expensive and less comfortable fabric, in our experience). We also avoided various microfiber blends: a lot of sheets going under bamboo sounding names and calling themselves “bamboo sheets” are as high as 75% polyester! The warning sign is if they say they are made of microfiber. Well, the other warning sign is if they cost less than $100.

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Best Bamboo Pillow

The Best Bamboo Pillows in our Comprehensive Reviews

Our top pick for best bamboo pillow was the Coop Home Goods bamboo pillow. They also have bamboo full body pillows!

Part of the trio of bedding products that are most critical to a comfortable night’s sleep (along with bamboo sheets and a bamboo mattress), selecting the right bamboo pillow is an important decision in getting proper rest. Not only is the material of the cover important, but you also have to watch out for what type of bamboo memory foam pillow you are getting on the interior of the pillow. It should not only be hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, but should suit your sleeping style!

We reviewed both full body pillows, cervical neck pillows, and high and low profile pillows. Your sleeping position really has a big influence on what sort of pillow you should be looking for. Luckily our top choice, Coop Home Goods, makes pillows in a variety of styles. They also have the high-end “Eden” pillow which is pretty great.

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Best Bamboo Mattress

The Best Bamboo Mattress in our Comprehensive Reviews

Our Overall Top Choice was the Cariloha Bamboo Mattress.

Bringing up the rear amongst the bedding products (see above for links to our bamboo sheet and bamboo pillow reviews) is the bamboo mattresses. However, they are certainly not the least important as far as your sleep is concerned! These are also a bigger investment, and hopefully will last you 15-20 years. This is not the place to try to skimp on quality, which is why we recommend the Cariloha Bamboo Mattress despite it being a bit more expensive than most of the options.

This is just a really comfortable and high quality line of mattresses. Cariloha is also a brand we know and trust from our experience with their bamboo sheets (they were the runner up in the sheets reviews behind Bamboo Supply Co). This is definitely the mattress we recommend!

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Best Bamboo Towels

The Best Bamboo Towels in our Comprehensive Reviews

Our top pick for best bamboo towel was the Cariloha bamboo bath towel. They also have regular bamboo bath towels as well as bamboo towels sets that include hand towels and wash cloths!

Bamboo fabrics aren’t just for bedding! Check out our reviews of bamboo towels to see all of our top picks. Obviously the anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and quick drying properties of bamboo fabrics are just as important (more important?) when looking for a material with which to make towels as they are when making bamboo sheets.

We put a bunch of towels to the test and not so surprisingly Cariloha came out on top here. Do read the whole review page though because we have some big warnings about things to look for when buying bamboo towels, particularly on Amazon. One of the bamboo towels that we tested which had pretty good reviews literally shredded to pieces after the first wash. I can only assume they were paying people for the positive reviews or something. It was a really terrible set of towels!

BUT! Bamboo towels in general are great, and if you go with the Cariloha, or one of our other top picks you won’t be disappointed. They combine the absorbency, softness, comfort and durability that are the top priorities in towel selection for most people. We also made sure to cover the regular best towels as well as the oversized, luxurious (read: amazingly awesome) best bath towels in our comprehensive guide.

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Best Bamboo Socks

The Best Bamboo Socks in our Comprehensive Reviews

Our top pick for bamboo socks was the Bamboo Supply Co. socks. Pictured above is the Freedom Sock Box. We particularly like the light blue with green heart bamboo socks!

Continuing with the theme of places where you want your fabric to wick moisture, dry quickly, feel incredibly soft and luxurious and at the same time provide long-lasting durability we arrive at our top choices for bamboo socks. Again, the top two contenders are Bamboo Supply Co and Cariloha with Bamboo Supply Co taking the edge in the socks category. We love the feel of these socks!

The problem we had with Cariloha here was that they are only 70% viscose bamboo and don’t feel quite as soft as a result. Also, their crew socks kept rolling down our legs instead of staying up. I don’t mean they were bunched at our ankles: I mean a full roll down. Like a perfect donut around our ankles after 20 minutes of walking around. It got super irritating!

The bamboo supply dress socks managed to stay up all day and look great while doing it. Also, they have two colors of bamboo ankle socks: black with a green heel and toe and white with green heel and toe. I found these to be an excellent choice for cycling!

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We also have lots of other review of bamboo products: these were just the most popular categories. You can check out all of our comprehensive bamboo product reviews through the links under the “Ultimate Guide” tab at the top of the screen. We have reviews on bamboo pajamas, bamboo sunglasses, and plenty of other bamboo products as well!

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