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Review: My Stunning Abode Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Do you suffer from neck or back pain from poor alignment? Are you a back or a side sleeper who needs a specially designed pillow to cradle your head? If so, we recommend the Abode Memory Foam Neck Pillow. This pillow is highly rated by people who have spinal issues as well as breathing problems. Its unique design helps correct spinal alignment and its Bamboo elements help eliminate night time allergies.

Some issues we have found with the Abode Memory Foam Neck Pillow are that its unique design can make it difficult for new users to get used to. When new, it is harder then it will be once it is slept on a few times. There is often a smell once it is taken out of the package, but once it is aired out for about a day it will go away. It can also be a different shape than it should be once taken out of the package. This also takes approximately a day to return to its usual figure.

As a whole, this pillow is highly rated and recommended by users. It is made with high quality and satisfies issues such as neck, back, and shoulder pain. It also helps people who suffer from breathing problems and allergies. More reviews and pricing available now on Amazon.com.


Features of the Abode Memory Foam Neck Pillow

  • Uniquely designed to align your spine and conform to your body.
  • Relieves stiffness and aches in your shoulders, neck and back.
  • Medium Softness
  • Cover is made of 40% Bamboo and is biodegradable.
  • Machine washable cover for easy care

Advantages of the Abode Memory Foam Neck Pillow

  • Cruelty free pillow with a memory foam base that helps reduce dust mites
  • Recommended for those that suffer from allergies, lung problems, snoring, and other breathing issues
  • The cover is cool and breathable making a comfortable body temperature and a better sleep
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable