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A Guide to the Best Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Socks
When it comes to bamboo apparel, it is important to start at the base. Your feet are responsible for keeping you going throughout the day. If discomfort begins at the bottommost part of your body, it is inevitable to feel unpleasant all the way through.

If you are an active person, you have probably experienced sweaty, burning feet. With bamboo socks, you will not feel like you are overheating because of bamboo fabric’s natural breathability. Due to their high absorbency and sterile nature, these organic socks allow you to have healthy feet by fighting off unwanted odors, fungus, bacteria, and dust mites.

Available in various colors and styles, we have made it easy for you to buy socks online with the selected reviews below. (Disclosure, updated August 17, 2017. This is my blog, and all of these reviews are entirely my opinion. I got so obsessed with finding the best bamboo products that I invested in the Bamboo Supply Co. Naturally, I wouldn’t have invested if I didn’t think they made the best bamboo bedding products. I’ll also be using my expertise in bamboo products to advise them on new product development! I made sure to put the their products through the same rigorous testing process as every other bamboo sheet on the list. Want more info on how to support my reviews? Check out my disclosure page.)

The Best Bamboo Socks of 2017

PictureProduct Name PriceExpert Rating

Cariloha Women's Bamboo Ankle Socks
Bamboo sock boxBamboo Supply Co. Bamboo Socks$$$4.9
White bamboo ankle socksBamboo Supply Co.'s ankle socks$$$4.9

MeMoi Natural Blend Bamboo Crew

Men's Vagden Bamboo Dress Socks

Women's Vagden Bamboo Dress Socks

BambooMN - Men's Bamboo Fiber Socks

TeeHee Diabetes Bamboo Crew Socks$$$4.5

Reviews of the Best 5 Pairs of Bamboo Socks

1. Bamboo Supply Co. – Dress Socks

Bamboo sock box These dress socks from Bamboo Supply Co. are definitely our favorite bamboo socks available today! They are 85% bamboo and 15% polyester (for stretch), and are 100% guaranteed to be the softest socks you’ll ever put on. In addition to high quality socks, Bamboo Supply Co. offers the coolest dress socks designs we’ve seen. A lot of times dress socks are either boring, or are too crazy. The Bamboo Supply Co. designs strike a nice balance between fun and business.

In addition to buying socks individually, Bamboo Supply Co. offers sock boxes for better value, as well as sock subscriptions for individual styles or their sock of the month club. The downside to these guys is that they do not sell on Amazon, which is a pain for some of us. However, their quality guarantee on socks is great! If you are unhappy, they’ll give you a full refund within the first 30 days. Also, they seem definitely geared toward men’s bamboo socks.

Click here to check out Bamboo Supply Co.’s bamboo socks.

2. Bamboo Supply Co. – Athletic Ankle Socks

White bamboo ankle socksBlack bamboo ankle socks

I really love these athletic ankle socks from Bamboo Supply Co, available in both black and white. They are great for running and cycling. Like all bamboo socks they are incredibly soft and comfortable, but the best part of bamboo for athletic socks is the moisture wicking properties. When I take off cotton socks at the end of a run, they are soaked! With bamboo socks the sweat is wicked away from my feet and evaporates quickly, which keeps my feet both cool and dry. The big advantage to these athletic socks from Bamboo Supply Co. is that they are nice and thin, not big bulky socks. This aids with their ability to stay dry (since there’s less material for sweat to reside in). Of course, the downside to this is that they do wear out a little faster than thicker athletic socks, but after 3 or 4 months my thicker athletic socks start to get a little gross anyway. They also offer an athletic socks box which contains eight pairs. Alternatively, you can subscribe and have two new pair delivered every month, every other month, or once a quarter. These are highly recommended!

Click here to check out Bamboo Supply Co.’s bamboo socks.

3. Cariloha Women’s Bamboo Ankle Socks

Cariloha Bamboo Ankle Socks are known as some of the softest bamboo socks around. Made for optimal gentleness, these organic socks are durable enough to endure the test of time. Luxury isn’t just a dream anymore.

Designed with one of a kind arch support, the sock itself is thicker providing ultimate comfort. Overall, these organic bamboo socks are ideal for providing essential foot care. Their hypoallergenic, antibacterial qualities prevent fungus and other skin sensitivities.

These bamboo fiber socks are extra absorbent, keeping your feet dry all day long. Because they are naturally breathable, they eliminate unpleasant odors.

Click here to see user reviews and prices on Amazon.

4. MeMoi Natural Blend Bamboo Crew

The MeMoi Natural Blend Bamboo Crew socks will change your life for the better. Because they are primarily made of viscose from bamboo, they are more luxuriously soft than other brands. While following proper care instructions, these organic socks become softer over time while maintaining durability. Available in 11 different shades, you can have own your favorite socks in an assortment of colors!

These socks are naturally breathable, keeping your feet dry and at a regulated temperature throughout the day. Because they are antibacterial, you can feel confident as they repel unwanted fungus and lingering odors. They are perfect for everyday use!

Click here to see user reviews and prices on Amazon.

5. Diabetes Bamboo Crew Socks

The Diabetes Bamboo Crew Socks are uniquely designed for diabetic people. These organic socks provide support that helps improve circulation in your feet and legs while preventing discomfort. This is especially important for people who suffer from this disease.

These bamboo crew socks are naturally breathable, controlling your body temperature and allowing air flow to get to your feet. They are antibacterial and help fight unwelcome fungal issues and other unfortunate skin problems. Available in 10 different shades, these awesome socks are made for men and women.

Click here to see user reviews and prices on Amazon.

6. BambooMN – Men’s Bamboo Fiber Socks

The Men’s Rayon from Bamboo Fiber socks are designed to accordingly regulate your body temperature. Therefore, your feet will stay cool in warm weather and kept cozy in cold weather. Their outstanding breathability allows air to circulate through your socks while extra absorption continues to keep your feet dry. You will no longer need to air out your sweltering feet after a long day of work.

These bamboo fiber socks are naturally anti-bacterial, removing uninvited scents that leave you feeling discouraged. Its superior wicking endorse healthy feet. That’s right- kiss foot fungus and other skin problems goodbye! Say farewell athlete’s foot and hello self-assurance!

Click here to see user reviews and prices on Amazon.

10 Benefits of Wearing Bamboo Socks

The global socks market is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 8.5 percent to reach $11.6 billion by 2023. This growth will be fueled by an increased demand for high-end socks.

One of the popular options are those made from bamboo, and they are offering a whole new experience to some people.

Bamboo is an evergreen plant that is popular for its durability and eco-friendliness. It takes in greenhouses gasses and produces oxygen up to 35 percent more than an equal amount of trees.

Due to its durability, bamboo has always been used in making equestrian clothing and gear. But have you ever known they are ideal for making socks? In fact, diabetes patients are usually advised to opt for bamboo socks.

Well, that doesn’t mean that only diabetic patients can wear these socks. You can try them too, and you will find out why so many people love bamboo socks.

Before we dive into the benefits, let’s find out more about the socks.

What are bamboo socks?

Bamboo trees are native to Southeast Asia, and China is popular for cultivating these plants for hundreds of years. A mature bamboo usually has sturdy strength similar to mild steel.

Bamboo socks are typically socks that are made from bamboo fiber, which comes from the tree itself.

The fiber is usually long and fine than other fibers. After the fiber is made, it is spun into yarn, which is usually resistant to fraying and wearing.

The yarn can then be used in making different clothing, including socks.

What the benefits?

There are varied benefits that you can reap from using these socks. Take it this way: You are likely to drop other modern clothes for more bamboo options.

1. They offer comfort

This is not to assert that other types of socks don’t offer comfort, but you’re likely to love bamboo options more. They are non-binding and non-constricting.

Bamboo fibers are usually fine and this what gives the socks an excellent level of comfort that feels great on your feet. Thanks to the socks, you can avoid discomfort, rubbing, and chafing.

They have a gentle cushioning that feels like walking on a carpet, and you won’t get tired of wearing them all day. Also, they are not bulky, and this reduces the chances of rubbing, which tends to lead to blisters and other complications.

2. Eliminate moisture

Excessive sweating on your feet usually leads to smelly feet. That’s the last thing you want, especially when paying someone a visit.

With these socks, you can wave goodbye to moisture as they are great in all kinds of temperature. The fiber of the socks has a hollow structure that makes them absorbent to keep your feet dry all day.

The wicking ability removes moisture from your skin, and they are breathable to ensure fresh air circulation to prevent foul feet.

This is one the qualities that make them better than wool and cotton socks. The wicking protection of the socks is 60 percent better than cotton.

3. They are hypoallergenic

Bamboo grows almost naturally and does not involve the use of chemicals and harmful pesticides during harvesting.

So, the fiber doesn’t come with elements that cause unexpected skin reactions. This makes them ideal for those people who are allergic to fibers that usually have chemicals.

If you have sensitive skin, bamboo socks are all you need to get rid of those unwanted skin reactions.

4. Durable socks

Tired of replacing your socks now and then? These socks might be the solution you have been waiting for.

They are extremely durable and will serve you for a very long time depending on how you use them.

Additionally, they are easy to maintain, and you can simply wash them using a washing machine and dry them normally.

5. Enjoy the right foot temperature

Most fabrics can’t maintain the right comfort levels in different temperatures. But bamboo socks do.

Their fabric is thermo-regulating. So, if you work in extreme conditions, you don’t need to worry about your feet as long as long as you have the socks paired with the right type of work shoes.

The socks allow your feet to breathe easily. During cold days, your feet can enjoy the much-needed warmness, and they can also stay cool when the heat levels are high.

6. Avoid odor

When wearing shoes for many hours, most people would like their feet to stay fresh and odor-free throughout the day. Unfortunately, some sock fabrics are not ideal in keep the feet fresh.

Buy you can trust bamboo socks to do this. They boast anti-fungal, antibacterial, antistatic and odor resistant properties. These properties help to reduce foot odor. A report by the Japanese textile industry noted that bamboo fabric eliminates 70 percent of odor caused by bacteria.

You can enjoy a soft feeling with no smelly feet with these socks.

How to choose the right socks

To make the most of your bamboo socks, it is important to take ample time in selecting the right pair.

Also, bear in mind that there are other kinds of materials, such as rayon and viscose bamboo. These materials are not made from 100 percent bamboo, so always read the product details keenly before picking an option.

Here are some essential points to consider:

Sock height: Choose a height depending on what the socks are intended for. For example, quarter and ankle socks are ideal for hiking, running and any other use when wearing low-top shoes. For skiing, get over-the-calf options
Sock thickness: Socks that have high cushioning are usually thicker, and this means they are also warmer. These are great options during winter. If your shoes are too roomy, always opt for slightly thicker socks.
Sock fit: Always opt for bamboo socks that fit comfortably without allowing extra material to fold. Ensure the arch area fits well around your arch. The seams should be flat without pinching or rubbing your foot.
Interior construction: When shopping, turn the socks inside out to examine the design. Some socks usually come with a cushioning loop to protect your feet from any material inside the shoes and to absorb moisture.
Apart from these pointers, you can also consider your interest and preferences. Bamboo socks come in varied styles, patterns, sizes and colors to give you the choices you need.

The three basic styles include low-profile socks that are usually small; dress socks are the complete opposite of low-profile options, and low-cut socks, which reach just above your ankles.

Think about the activities or use for the socks and also how long you intend to have them. There are socks for work, sports, business, and health. This will help you pick the right pair of socks that suits your unique needs.

Some people would want to choose a particular type of sock to complete the look they desire.

If you are brand loyal, there are several popular brands for you such as Cariloha, MeMoi, BambooMN, Vagden, and TeeHee. These brands offer socks for women, men and diabetes patients.

How to care for your socks

If you intend to use your bamboo socks for a long time, it helps to learn some key tips on how to care for them well.

One great think about washing bamboo fabrics is that they maintain their properties when you wash them with cold or warm water with a gentle detergent.

In most cases, the labels usually include the recommended care for the socks you buy since the manufacturing processes differ widely. Generally, a gentle cycle is usually recommended for washing most fabrics when you are not sure how to wash them.

When washing, don’t use bleach or any other detergent that contains a bleaching agent. Avoid washing them together with tough fabrics and materials. Softeners are also not great options to use with these socks.

When using your hand to wash, ensure to rinse well using cold water.

To avoid pilling, wash your socks inside out on a short cycle and don’t let them stay on the dryer for too long. Though sun drying is the best, if you use your washing machine don’t over do it.

Also, try to avoid stretching your socks as this will impact the fiber and affect their durability.

The bottom line

Socks made from bamboo are usually soft, and you will be able to note the difference after wearing them for some while. Many consumers are loving bamboo fabric for a variety of reasons.

As the only thing between your feet and your shoe, you want a great pair of sock that keeps your feet comfortable and dry. Well, that’s what you get when you opt for bamboo socks.

Your options are unlimited, and you can find socks from of the popular brands. Whichever the case, it’s wise to get socks that last long and serves your interests well.

Also, keep in mind that not all socks are made from pure bamboo. There is always a variation in the percentage of bamboo in the socks. So, try to be careful with your selection if you are looking for pure bamboo.

With the right socks, you will love the general feel on your feet!

The Advantages of Bamboo Socks

  • Bamboo socks are antibacterial, therefore, they fight off unpleasant smells that linger. They also keep away fungus for happy, healthy feet. Feel more confident and stay fresh with these organic socks.
  • Bamboo fiber socks are significantly more absorbent, keeping your feet dry while being active.
  • Bamboo organic socks are naturally breathable, allowing air to circulate to your feet, keeping your body heat regulated. These temperature controlled socks will keep your feet cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.
  • Bamboo socks are hypoallergenic. Because bamboo is not harvested with harmful pesticides, your socks will be free of toxins. They are recommended for sensitive skin, and feel very gentle and silky.
  • Bamboo is one of nature’s most versatile and sustainable sources. Socks made from bamboo come from an organic foundation. The roots are not destroyed when bamboo is harvested, and it takes nearly no water in order to grow. Bamboo products are a brilliant choice for the environment’s well-being.

The Care of your Bamboo Socks

  • Bamboo fabric responds best to cold water washings. This prevents weakening of the material and fraying.
  • However, on the FIRST washing cycle, it is recommended to use hot water with no detergents.
  • Bamboo socks can be hung to dry, or on a gentle low heat gentle cycle.
  • Fabric softeners are unnecessary with bamboo fiber.
  • To avoid bleeding, do not mix colors in the washer or dryer.
  • Avoid laundering with rough materials and fabrics.
  • Do not use bleach or dryer sheets.

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